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So, today is the first day of another drama, Badzaat. As you can see, I don’t have big hopes for this drama.

Update and Review for Drama Badzaat full Episode

Drama Badzaat summary

Wali is introduced to us, and we hear about his past. He was a neglected youngster who had little time for him because his mother was obsessed with her singing and dancing career. That, along with his Badzaat title, has turned him into an angry man who occasionally pulls a gun.

Danyal and Huda, who are either engaged or in love, are introduced to us. Then there’s Anabiya, who is easily afraid and sobs on command-a quality that immediately wins Wali’s heart. Wali is already falling for Anabiya by the end of the episode.

Seriously? He only had three encounters with her, each lasting less than a minute. So, we’re talking about third-sight love. Waah, bhiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Review of Drama Badzaat

It was a rather loud episode. Throughout the programme, I despised the background music, which was more like loud noise.

Why do dramatists rely on a loud background soundtrack to heighten the drama? Why are they unable to rely on the plot for dramatic effects? I just finished watching Badshah Begum, and now I’m watching this… This is a humble request to all drama writers: Please, background score pe hath haula rakhein.

Drama Badzaat characters Performances and Full Cast & Crew

Saba Faisal appeared to be a wonderful singer/dancer, but I believe her character will be overly theatrical.

The part of model/actor Ainy fits Zoya Nasir’s personality well, and she performed admirably in the two moments in which she appeared.

Let’s go on to the primary character, Wali Asfand.

The complex upbringing of Wali (Imran Ashraf). His mother, Laila (Saba Faisal), works as an actress, which his father, Akber (Mehmood Aslam), finds repulsive. Given that he didn’t agree with or support her job choices, it’s unclear why Akber married Laila in the first place. Nonetheless, the “backstory” is gripping and explains why Wali is who he is. Wali has heard his mother referred to as “badzaat” throughout his childhood and formative years, despite having an extraordinarily loving and supporting stepmother in the form of Narmeen (Nida Mumtaz). These statements have stayed with him, and while maintaining a relationship with his mother, he has a blazing temper and does not flinch when brandishing a gun at anyone who gets in his way.

When he screams at his younger sister Annie (Zoya Nasir) for modelling in inappr**opriate apparel, it’s almost amusing because Annie is dressed in a full gown with long sleeves. Although the channel obviously could not display revealing clothing, the clothing should have at least been appropriate for the context. Wali is appalled by her “libaas” and informs her (at least four times in one scene) that he will support her modelling career, but not in such garb. This is a stupid moment for a number of reasons, the most egregious of which are her actual (covered) attire and the sequence’s repetitiveness set to overdramatic music.

Anabiya (Urwa Hocane), a young girl who is paying a visit to Wali’s house, is also introduced. Is she one of your relatives? Is it a relative? That is unclear, however she gets off to a bad start with Wali when she is featured on a magazine cover looking at Annie’s “inappr**opriate” images. When Wali finds Anabiya in his room later, he lashes out at her. Anabiya is standing nearby, putting his clothes away, but she says nothing. Instead, she says “Woh….main……” and then pauses, as though she doesn’t have time to finish her sentence.

Is there ever a time when you’re so flustered that you can’t speak what you want to say? Wali, for his part, reacts as he sees appropriate, pointing a revolver at her. Is this a love storey? No. Isn’t it adorable? No. Is this the start of a romantic relationship? No. However, Anabiya flees after promising to remain out of his way, and Wali is seen smirking, clearly taken with the girl. Why? Did seeing her terror with a gun pointed at her bring him any pleasure?


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