Discover the Top Ullu Original App Web Series of 2023

Step into the exciting world of Ullu in 2023, where a wide array of captivating web series awaits your discovery. From heart-pounding suspense dramas to sizzling tales of romance, Ullu’s web series are known for their unique narratives and engaging storytelling. As you explore this diverse range of content, you’ll find that Ullu consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity, delivering stories that keep you hooked from start to finish.

One of the highlights of experiencing Ullu in 2023 is the opportunity to indulge in a variety of content that caters to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of edge-of-your-seat thrillers or heartfelt love stories, there’s something for everyone. Ullu’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries ensures that each web series offers a fresh and unique viewing experience.

To stay up-to-date with the latest releases, be sure to keep an eye on Ullu’s content lineup. With new web series consistently being added to their library, you can look forward to a year filled with exciting and immersive storytelling. Ullu’s contribution to the digital entertainment space is distinctive, offering a flavor of entertainment that is both captivating and memorable.

In 2023, Ullu has unveiled an impressive slate of new web series, including the highly-anticipated “Love Guru – Season 3,” the gripping “Panchali,” the intense “Khalish,” and a host of other exciting titles. These releases promise to deliver top-notch entertainment and keep audiences eagerly awaiting what Ullu has in store next.

The Ullu Original App List’s New Arrivals for 2023

Garam Masala
Dream Girl
Gaon Ki Garmi – Season 3
Desi Kisse
Rain Basera
Love Guru – Season 3
Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2
Games Of Karma
Khalish – Part 3
Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha
Tohfa – Part 2

1. Aamras Web Series

Aamras Web Series – Storyline

Erotica author Vinay is a struggling but aspirational writer. Mrs. Ghosh also promises him the same thing, but there is one requirement: Vinay must tell her one sensual story each day. As the days go by, Mrs. Ghosh grows more enamoured of Vinay’s stories and gradually starts to weave a web of her own delusions.

Aamras Web Series – Cast/Crew

Payal Patil, Farhan Ansari, and Dharmendra Gupta

Aamras Web series – Director/Writer

Himanchu Bhramabhatt,

Aamras Web series – Writer

Janmejay Kumar

2. Garam Masala Web Series

Living happily ever after as a newlywed couple. The old couple casts a black magic spell on them, however, and their joy is short-lived. Their behaviour is forced by the spell, which has control over their minds. Will true love win and cast a spell that cannot be broken? Or are they doomed to an unfulfilling union for all time?

Garam Masala Web Series – Storyline

Garam Masala Web Series – Cast/Crew

Pihu Jaiswal, Alina Sen, and Pooja Sinha

Garam Masala Web series – Director/Writer

Punit Goyal

3. Manmaniyan Web Series

ManmaniyanWeb Series – Storyline

A middle-aged man named Dev Kumar feels unfulfilled and lost in life. He is employed in a fruitless position, and his marriage is in disarray. He is drawn to Soni, his teenage daughter’s friend, the moment he meets her. Dev is not her; she is young, attractive, and free-spirited.

Dev remembers something that Soni makes him remember again. He starts to question everything he had previously taken for granted about himself because he feels alive again. He begins to question whether he has lived his life wisely and whether there is still time to find happiness. Dev and Soni tried to keep their relationship a closely-guarded secret because it was illegal.

Manmaniyan Web Series – Cast/Crew

Aayushi Jaiswal, Anurag Sharma, Sunita Rajput, and Ravindra Yadav

Manmaniyan Web series – Director/Writer

Raaj Basu

4. Chull Web Series

Chull Web Series – Storyline

In the same house as a young couple were each of their parents. The son and the mother-in-law had an unspoken arrangement. The father was enraged to learn about this. He told his daughter-in-law about his son’s adultery in a private setting. After that, his father and future daughter-in-law continue their covert relationship.

Chull Web Series – Cast/Crew

Ritu Pandey, Alpita Banika, Puneet Kaur Brar, and Gulab Singh

Chull Web series – Director/Writer

Viral Bhatt

5. Dream Girl Web Series

Dream Girl Web Series – Storyline

The plot of the story revolves around two sisters named Rani and Lata. Simple-minded and content with her life, Rani works as a homemaker. Lata, on the other hand, has lofty goals and desires more out of life. She initially begins working as a call girl to support her family. She changed her life, though, when she started dating wealthy businessman Akash.

Dream Girl Web Series – Cast/Crew

Pooja Poddar (Rani), Bharti Jha (Lata), Himanshu Sharma (Akash), and Farhan Ansari (Rahul)

Dream Girl Web series – Director/Writer


6. Gaon Ki Garmi – Season 3 Web Series

Gaon Ki Garmi – Season 3 Web Series – Storyline

The drama is a sequel to Gaon Ki Garmi 2, a web series. Neha travels to her village in the narrative after her husband’s passing. She is soon caught up in the zeal and desire of Raju, Jeth, and her mother.

Gaon Ki Garmi – Season 3 Web Series – Cast/Crew

Mahi Kaur (Neha), Anupam Gahoi (Mama), Anita Jaiswal (Rajni), Bhimraj Malaji (Jeth), and Himanshu Sharma (Raju)

Gaon Ki Garmi – Season 3 Web series – Director/Writer

Praveen Rajan

7. Desi Kisse Web Series

Desi Kisse Web Series – Storyline

Kamla, a young girl who gets entangled in a web of passion and betrayal, is the subject of the three short stories that make up the series, which focuses on the darker sides of human emotion. In this ominous and terrifying drama, the darker side of human nature is investigated. This superbly crafted and engrossing series will stay with you until you’ve finished watching it, even though it’s not for those without a lot of feelings.

Desi Kisse Web Series – Cast/Crew

Mukti Bose (Kamla), Smita Paul (Nikki), Birendra Singh (Shyam), Anish Roshan (Jeetu), Basant Kumar (Binderu)

Desi Kisse Web series – Director/Writer

Punit Goyal

8. Badan Web Series

Badan Web Series – Storyline

The wife of Mukesh (Ashraf), the main character of the story, is Nikki (Aayushi Jaiswal), an actress in the movie Badan. Their relationship is awkward because Mukesh has repeatedly cheated on Nikki. She wants to challenge Ashwin, a young man (Leena Singh), in order to find out about Mukesh’s infidelity.

Badan Web Series – Cast/Crew

Aayushi Jaiswal (Riya), Leena Singh (Anjali), Ashraf Ahmed (Karan), and Vishes Gupta (Rahul)

Badan Web series – Director/Writer

Punit Goyal

9. Watchman Web Series

Watchman Web Series – Storyline

The main character of the tale is Amit, a recently hired watchman in an upscale building. Priya, Taniya, and Aritaa, three stunning women who live in the building, are immediately drawn to him because he is a young, attractive man. Amit sees an opening to profit from the women’s resentment. By promising them his love and devotion, he begins to win them over. Initially wary, the women eventually succumb to Amit’s charms.

Watchman Web Series – Cast/Crew

Priya Gamre (Mamta), Arita Paul (Chaya), Taniya Chatterjee (Tanu), Divyendra Singh (Amit), and Vishesh Arora (Vinay)

Watchman Web series – Director/Writer

Vinod Laxmi Kumar

10. Rain Basera Web Series

Rain Basera Web Series – Storyline

infrequent offenders To support themselves, Deepa and her husband sell stolen and illegally-obtained goods in the village. A young city dweller named Rohan changes Deepa’s life significantly after randomly encountering her and starting to work with them. They quickly become aware of their attraction to one another.

Rain Basera Web Series – Cast/Crew

Bharti Jha (Deepa), Hiral Radadiya (Urmi), Kailash Vyas (Surmesh), and Litesh Pawar (Rohan)

Rain Basera Web series – Director/Writer

Pradeep Ghonsikar

11. Bikau Web Series

Bikau Web Series – Storyline

The man finds himself in financial trouble with a violent criminal in the crime thriller web series Bikau, which shows how the couple’s lifestyles undergo a dramatic change. To pay off her husband’s debt, the lady must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Bikau Web Series – Cast/Crew

Smita Paul (Naina), Shyna Khatri (Sudha), Somit Jain (Ranjeet), and Prashant Yadav (Jitesh)

Bikau Web series – Director/Writer

Saurabh Tewari

12. Anari Web Series

Anari Web Series – Storyline

The main character is Naina, a sweet but immature young woman. She chose Raja, a liar, as her life partner. Raja took advantage of Naina’s innocence and employed her in his schemes. In this web series, Priya Gamre plays Sarla, Raja’s mistress, and Muskan Agarwal plays Vimla, Naina’s best friend.

Anari Web Series – Cast/Crew

Anita Jaiswal (Naina), Bhanu Suryam Thakur (Raja), Priya Gamre (Vimla), and Muskan Agarwal (Sarla).

Anari Web series – Director/Writer


13. Love Guru – Season 3 (Part 2) Web Series

Love Guru – Season 3 (Part 2) Web Series – Storyline

Mini’s situation began to improve as soon as the love guru began to offer her advice. Her feelings were slowly returned by Varun, and their relationship grew. Varun and Mini, however, were both concealing information that might jeopardise their budding relationship.

Love Guru – Season 3 (Part 2) Web Series – Cast/Crew

Samit Paul (Mini), Suhana Khan (Rani), Vishal Bhatt (Jay), Anirudh Singh (Varun)

Love Guru – Season 3 (Part 2) Web series – Director/Writer


14. Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2 Web Series

Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2 Web Series – Storyline

As Neha and Babu ji’s romance heats up and Babu ji starts favouring Neha over Renu, Renu starts to worry about her position of authority in the family. Since Neha is going to be Renu’s pawn in her own game, Neha is collaborating with a pretend surgeon to put Renu in danger.

Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2 Web Series – Cast/Crew

Noor Malabika (Renu), Pihu Singh (Neha), Tarakesh Chauhan (Sasur 1), and Sohail Khan (Sasur 2)

Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2 Web series – Director/Writer

Punit Goyal

15. Kaneez Web Series

Kaneez Web Series – Storyline

Shaziya, the daughter of Nawab Mirza, is set to marry when mother Ruksaar discovers a shocking secret about her soon-to-be son-in-law Salim. Batulan, the family’s guardian, responds to her plea for help by dispatching her stunning daughter, Sana, to look into the claim. However, Sana and Salim’s interaction has a long-lasting impact on their day-to-day activities.

Kaneez Web Series – Cast/Crew

Sudha Chandran (Rukhsar), Hemant Choudhary (Mirza), Maleeka R. Ghai (Batulan), Lakshya Handa (Salim), Anushka Srivastava (Sana), and Asma Sayed (Sazia)

Kaneez Web series – Director/Writer

Sanjiv Kumar and Manish Srivastava

16. Games Of Karma (Sangeet) Web Series

Games Of Karma (Sangeet) Web Series – Storyline

The fictional desire of a traditional music instructor’s wife to be seduced abuses the woman. As fate paralyses her husband, the wife exacts revenge by offering bed to strangers in front of him.

Games Of Karma (Sangeet) Web Series – Cast/Crew

Praveen Hingonia (Pandit Brij Mohan), Kenisha Bhardwaj (Sujata)

Games Of Karma (Sangeet) Web series – Director/Writer

Praveen Hingonia

17. Panchali Web Series

Panchali Web Series – Storyline

A woman makes the conscious decision to travel the path of accommodation. She goes on to have one child and four men as her first-ever family. This tradition is despised by the fifth brother, who attended a city school. As the story goes on, she attempts to seduce this fifth brother by lying, being a liar, being a thief, and being envious. Why would she make such a great sacrifice in her life if she wasn’t that desperate?

Panchali Web Series – Cast/Crew

Anupriya Goenka,Aman Verma,Upen Chauhan,Samridh Bawa,Rohan Pratap Singh,Avinash Mukherjee,Manvik Tanna, and Kamal Malik

Panchali Web series – Director/Writer

Deepak Pandey

18. Halala Web Series

Halala Web Series – Storyline

A girl sacrifices everything for her love in this romantic tale set in a West Bengali city constrained by enduring social customs. To merge into one soul, both must decide on a course and move swiftly through the sea of obstacles. A well-established single parent enters the girl’s life as fate intervenes while they are trying to deal with the situation, highlighting the contrast between expectations and reality.

Halala Web Series – Cast/Crew

Shafaq Naaz,Ravi Bhatia,Eijaz Khan,Neelima Azeem, and Deepika Singh Goyal

Halala Web series – Director/Writer

Deepak Pandey

19. Tadap Web Series

Tadap Web Series – Storyline

In this love story set in a West Bengali city constrained by enduring social customs, a girl sacrifices everything for her love. Both must make a decision and move swiftly through the sea of challenges in order to become one soul. As they struggle to deal with the situation, fate intervenes and a seasoned single parent shows up in the girl’s life, highlighting the contrast between expectations and reality.

Tadap Web Series – Cast/Crew

Indraneil Sengupta,Param Singh,Shiny Dixit, and Rituraj Singh

Tadap Web series – Director/Writer

Deepak Pandey

20. Khalish – Part 3 Web Series

Khalish – Part 3 Web Series – Storyline

When the mother-in-law’s unfinished romantic relationship is tracked down, the daughter-in-law runs into serious difficulties because the man she is looking for has started to seduce her. The daughter-in-law consents to make the ultimate sacrifice by accepting a win-win arrangement with him. He will gratify her mother-in-law’s desire for sexual gratification if she complies with his demands.

Khalish – Part 3 Web Series – Cast/Crew

Priya Gamre (Saas), Aliya Zaaz (Daughter In Law), Bhanu Suryam (Son), and Abraham (Chacha)

Khalish – Part 3 Web series – Director/Writer

Bhaumik Gaikwad

21. Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha Web Series

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha Web Series – Storyline

After a botched robbery, a captured criminal rushes a companion to his house to obtain the secret codes needed to unlock the diamonds they had stolen. What began as a simple, in-and-out task turns into a series of disasters, with each party possessing a unique, covert motive to steal the gems and entangle one another in a thick web of deceit and lies!

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha Web Series – Cast/Crew

Lovepreet (Renu), Payal Patil (Suman), Anirudhh Pratap Singh (Ajay), Sunny Saini (Raju)

Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha Web series – Director/Writer


22. Tohfa – Part 2 Web Series

Tohfa – Part 2 Web Series – Storyline

Montu makes a gift on his friend’s behalf and converses with his friend’s wife, Renu, in person. Along with Renu, Montu is romantically involved with Vidhi, Renu’s younger sister. Problems arise when the father-in-law decides to take part in the family gift-giving game after learning about the horrible incident happening in his home!

Tohfa – Part 2 Web Series – Cast/Crew

Shyna Khatri (Renu), Leena Singh (Vidhi), Rishabh Srivastava (Montu), and Tarakesh Chouhan (Keshavlal)

Tohfa – Part 2 Web series – Director/Writer

Humatun Abbas

23. Peshawar Web Series

Peshawar Web Series – Storyline

a group of Taliban extremists scaled the walls of a tranquil army school and brutally murdered over one hundred innocent children. Pay attention to the accounts of this vicious act of retaliation against the Pakistani Army and the fearless combat carried out by a small group of commandos that spared the lives of numerous others.

Peshawar Web Series – Cast/Crew

Aadarsh Balakrishna, Ashmit Patel, Shishir Shamra, Amitriyaan, Rakshanda Khan, Rushad Rana, and Rajeev Sen

Peshawar Web series – Director/Writer

Jehangir Irroni


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