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Setting the Scene: Explore the enticing narrative of power, passion, and corporate maneuvers in the web series “Corporate.”

Plot Synopsis: Diving into the Intrigue

Deciphering the Tagline: Unravel the layers of manipulation, personal stakes, and uncharted relationships as depicted in “Sajishon ke Khel mein, Apne bhi hain Shamil, Kaise banaun rishte, Jab fasle Hain Ab bhi Kamil.”

Corporate | Part 01 Trailer | Ullu Originals | Arrives 26th April

Corporate Cast Insights: Meet the Stars

Spotlight on the Leads: Get acquainted with the magnetic performances of Hiral Radadiya and Gurmeet Kaur, driving the series with their undeniable chemistry and intensity.

Platform & Premiere Details

Exclusive to Ullu App: Discover the journey of “Corporate” as it finds its digital home, promising viewers a blend of eroticism, romance, and fantasy.
Save the Date: April 26, 2024, the day when audiences will embark on a journey through the labyrinth of corporate lust and ambition.

Language & Genre Fusion

Cultural Flavor: Immerse yourself in the richness of Hindi as the series unfolds against the backdrop of Indian corporate culture.
Genre Blend: Experience the fusion of eroticism, romance, and fantasy, crafting a narrative that pushes the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

Episode Guide: Unraveling the Drama

Episode 1: The Chessboard Unveiled: Introduce the players and their motives in the corporate arena, where every move is strategic and every alliance precarious.

Episode 2: Shadows of Desire: Explore the clandestine affairs and forbidden passions simmering beneath the surface, threatening to disrupt the carefully constructed facades.

Episode 3: Ambitions Collide: Witness the clash of egos and the pursuit of power as characters navigate the treacherous waters of corporate politics, blurring the lines between love and ambition.

Episode 4: The Final Gambit: Experience the climax of intrigue and betrayal as the series hurtles towards its conclusion, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

Certification & Closing Notes

For Mature Audiences: With an ‘A’ certification, “Corporate” embraces its adult themes, inviting viewers to explore the darker, more seductive side of corporate life.
Conclusion: Reflect on the impact of “Corporate” as it challenges norms and conventions, leaving a lasting impression on the landscape of web series.

Final Reflections

Contemplating the Journey: Conclude with a final reflection on the allure of “Corporate” and its ability to captivate audiences with its tantalizing blend of intrigue and sensuality.


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