Controversy Surrounds Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as Old Video with Girls Sparks Defamation Claims

In the wake of a social media storm, a video portraying a heated altercation between Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and an individual purportedly identified as his servant surfaced, causing widespread public concern. The aged footage, now almost a year old, became the epicenter of controversy, putting the renowned Pakistani singer under intense scrutiny.

A Public Apology Unveiled

Responding to the escalating criticism, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan decided to take matters into his own hands. Through a three-minute video shared across his social media platforms, Khan directly addressed his audience. In this sincere apology, he sought forgiveness while shedding light on the context surrounding the contentious footage. Khan asserted that the video was being deliberately circulated to smear his reputation.

Unpacking the Incident

In an illuminating interview on the Adeel Asif Podcast, Khan went further to clarify that the individual in question was not his servant but a pupil. The altercation, according to Khan, ensued after the student misplaced a bottle containing a particular type of water. Acknowledging his wrongdoing, Khan openly apologized to the student and attributed the negative publicity to the sensational nature of such incidents.

Video as a Strategic Tool

During the podcast, Khan expressed his belief that the video was being used as a “tool” against him. He claimed to be aware of the individuals orchestrating its circulation and suggested ulterior motives behind the malicious intent. Khan also revealed that the person filmed, Naveed, was not just a student but a close family member with deep-rooted familial ties.

Naveed – A Tale of Support

Emphasizing his unwavering support for Naveed, Khan highlighted the strong moral and financial backing he had provided over the years. He shared the familial connection, stating that Naveed’s father had been a student of the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, establishing a bond that transcended mere mentorship.

A Public Plea for Forgiveness

In a separate video, Khan extended his apologies to his family, friends, and fans, expressing regret and vowing to learn from the incident. However, this public plea for forgiveness came at a pivotal moment, as reports surfaced of an old inquiry being reopened against the singer.

Legal Entanglements

Amidst the public relations turmoil, news emerged of the Federal Investigation Agency reopening a money laundering and tax evasion inquiry against Khan. The revelation that he earned almost Rs8 billion in 12 years from concerts raised questions about the alignment between his reported income and tax payment records.

The Road Ahead

As Rahat Fateh Ali Khan navigates this intricate web of controversy, public perception, and legal scrutiny, the unfolding events will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of his career and public standing. How he addresses the dual challenges of image repair and legal implications remains to be seen, leaving fans and critics alike on the edge of anticipation.


Q: What led to the controversy surrounding Rahat Fateh Ali Khan?

A: A video depicting an altercation between Khan and his pupil surfaced, leading to widespread criticism.

Q: Why did Rahat Fateh Ali Khan apologize?

A: Khan apologized for his actions in the video, acknowledging his mistake and seeking forgiveness from his audience.

Q: What context did Khan provide for the controversial video?

A: The video is nearly nine months old and is being circulated with malicious intent to defame him, according to Khan.

Q: Who was the person in the video, and why was Khan disciplining him?

A: The person was Khan’s pupil, disciplined for misplacing a bottle containing a specific type of water.

Q: Why did Khan describe the video as a “tool” against him?

A: Khan believes the video is strategically used to tarnish his reputation, and he is aware of those behind its circulation.

Q: Who is Naveed, and what is his connection to Khan?

A: Naveed is a close family member and a longtime student of Khan, with familial ties going back to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Q: What did Khan say in his public apology video?

A: Khan apologized to his family, friends, and fans, expressing regret and pledging to avoid repeating such mistakes.

Q: Why is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan facing legal scrutiny?

A: The Federal Investigation Agency reopened an inquiry into money laundering and tax evasion, revealing income inconsistencies from concerts.

Q: How much did Rahat Fateh Ali Khan reportedly earn from concerts, leading to the inquiry?

A: Khan earned nearly Rs8 billion in 12 years from local and international concerts, prompting questions about tax payment records.


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