Content Creator Laraib Malik – Age, Education, Husband, Net Worth, Viral Video

Meet Laraib Malik, born on October 24, 2004, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. At just 19, she’s not your average teenager; she’s a TikToker, model, influencer, YouTuber, and a student pursuing a degree in BS Engineering.

Quick Facts:

Name: Laraib Malik
Age: 19
Birthplace: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Profession: TikToker, Model, Influencer, YouTuber
Education: BS Engineering
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Horoscope: Gemini
Weight: 55 KG
Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches
Net Worth: [Information pending]

Meet Laraib Malik: From Education to Viral Videos, Unraveling Her Story

Meet Laraib Malik: From Education to Viral Videos, Unraveling Her Story

Meet Laraib Malik: From Education to Viral Videos, Unraveling Her Story

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The Viral Video Craze:

Laraib’s TikTok videos have hit the million-view mark, causing a buzz online. People can’t get enough of her content, making her a star on the rise.

Setting the Record Straight:

Rumors circulated about leaked footage, hinting at an intimate moment. Laraib clarifies there’s no truth to it. The alleged scandal seems to be just that – a rumor.


As Laraib Malik continues her journey in the world of social media, the recent buzz highlights the challenges of fame. Keep an eye out for updates as we follow the life and career of this young sensation.

FAQs – Laraib Malik

1. Who is Laraib Malik?

Laraib Malik is a 19-year-old multifaceted personality from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She is recognized as a TikToker, model, influencer, YouTuber, and is currently pursuing a degree in BS Engineering.

2. When was Laraib Malik born?

Laraib Malik was born on October 24, 2004.

3. What is Laraib Malik’s educational background?

Laraib Malik is currently pursuing a degree in BS Engineering.

4. Can you provide information about Laraib Malik’s family?

Unfortunately, details about Laraib Malik’s family, including her parents, siblings, and brother, are currently not available.

5. Where does Laraib Malik reside?

Laraib Malik resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

6. What is Laraib Malik’s nationality and religion?

Laraib Malik is Pakistani, and she follows the Islamic faith.

7. Is Laraib Malik married?

As of the latest information available, Laraib Malik’s marital status is not disclosed.

8. Can you share details about Laraib Malik’s physical attributes?

Laraib Malik weighs 55 KG and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

9. What is Laraib Malik’s horoscope sign?

Laraib Malik’s horoscope sign is Gemini.

10. Do we know Laraib Malik’s net worth?

Unfortunately, information about Laraib Malik’s net worth is currently not available.

11. Why is Laraib Malik in the news?

Laraib Malik gained attention due to a viral video on TikTok, which has garnered over a million views. There were also speculations about leaked footage, but Laraib has denied any involvement in such incidents.

12. Is there any official statement regarding the leaked footage scandal?

Laraib Malik has refuted the rumors surrounding the leaked footage, stating that there is no truth to the speculations.

13. Where can I follow Laraib Malik on social media?

You can follow Laraib Malik on her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts for updates on her content and activities.

14. How can I stay updated on Laraib Malik’s life and career?

To stay informed about Laraib Malik’s life and career, keep an eye on her official social media accounts and follow reliable news sources for any announcements or updates.

15. Is there any upcoming project or collaboration for Laraib Malik?

Details about Laraib Malik’s upcoming projects or collaborations are not available at the moment. Stay tuned to her social media for any announcements.


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