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In the enchanting world of “Cheese Cake,” love takes center stage, weaving a tale of passion and restraint. Pooja Singh Rajput leads the cast, guided by the creative vision of director Fahad Kashmiri and backed by Ullu’s production prowess. As the release date of January 30, 2024, approaches, fans eagerly anticipate this four-episode romantic fantasy series.

Plot Overview:

“Cheese Cake” delves into the mysterious intoxication of love, exploring the uncharted territories of addiction and the constraints felt in the name of love. The protagonist, with a heart solely intoxicated by their beloved, navigates the complexities of a profound and unique connection. The series promises to be a journey through the intricate maze of romance and fantasy, offering viewers an emotional and visually captivating experience.

Stellar Cast and Crew:

Pooja Singh Rajput takes on the challenging role at the heart of the series, showcasing her acting prowess. Under the meticulous direction of Fahad Kashmiri, known for his distinctive storytelling, the series aims to deliver a cinematic experience. Ullu’s production ensures that “Cheese Cake” stands out with its high-quality production values and engaging narrative.

Cheese Cake Movie - Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Streaming Info

Cheese Cake Movie - Story, Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Streaming Info

Episodic Charm and Genre Blend:

Comprising four episodes, “Cheese Cake” invites viewers to unravel the layers of its love story. The series seamlessly blends romance and fantasy, promising a multidimensional narrative that captures the imagination. Each episode is expected to unfold a new chapter, adding depth to the characters and intensifying the overall viewing experience.

Release Details:

Scheduled exclusively for release on the Ullu OTT platform, “Cheese Cake” will be accessible to a diverse audience starting January 30, 2024. The series, presented in Hindi, ensures a wide reach, catering to the vast and varied preferences of Indian audiences.

Sneak Peek through the Trailer:

The official trailer of “Cheese Cake” teases viewers with glimpses of its visually stunning world. Pooja Singh Rajput’s performance appears emotive and captivating, hinting at the emotional rollercoaster that lies ahead. The trailer promises a narrative filled with passion, intrigue, and moments that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Certification and Mature Content:

With an ‘A’ certification, “Cheese Cake” signals its intended audience, catering to those seeking a more mature and nuanced storytelling experience. This certification adds an element of anticipation for viewers who appreciate content that pushes boundaries and explores the complexities of adult relationships.

In anticipation of its release, “Cheese Cake” stands as a promising addition to the world of romantic fantasy, offering a delectable blend of emotions, fantasy, and mature storytelling. As the clock ticks down to January 30, 2024, viewers are ready to embark on a journey into the intoxicating world of “Sweet Desires.”


Q1: When does the “Cheese Cake Web Series” release?

A1: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” is set to release on January 30, 2024.

Q2: How many episodes does the web series have?

A2: The web series comprises four episodes.

Q3: What genre does the “Cheese Cake Web Series” fall under?

A3: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” belongs to the Romance and Fantasy genres.

Q4: Who is the lead actress in the web series?

A4: Pooja Singh Rajput takes on the lead role in the “Cheese Cake Web Series.”

Q5: Who directed the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A5: The web series is directed by Fahad Kashmiri.

Q6: Which OTT platform will stream the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A6: The series will be available exclusively on the Ullu OTT platform.

Q7: What language is the “Cheese Cake Web Series” available in?

A7: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” is presented in Hindi.

Q8: What is the certification for the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A8: The series is certified as ‘A,’ indicating it is intended for adult audiences.

Q9: What is the production company behind the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A9: Ullu is the production company for the web series.

Q10: How would you describe the genre blend of the “Cheese Cake Web Series”?

A10: The “Cheese Cake Web Series” seamlessly blends romance and fantasy to create a captivating narrative.


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