Blueface faces backlash after questioning his son’s s3xual orientation

The “Thotiana” rapper went on Instagram Live with his son Javaughn and confused the young boy by asking him about his s3xual orientation, raising new concerns about Blueface’s parenting skills.

Blueface was answering questions from fans while holding his daughter in his lap. He then decided to bring up the topic again and, without giving Javaughn any prior notice, asked him if he was gay.


The youngster quickly replied “no,” but he also acknowledged that he was oblivious to what his father was yapping about.
Despite his girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis screaming at him to stop off-screen, Blueface wouldn’t let the topic of their conversation go when Javaughn tried to switch to something more interesting to him.

Blueface was direct in telling his son that while he would be disappointed, he would still love him if he turned out to be gay.

Blueface recently interrogated his son about this subject while his home was crowded with strippers, to boot.

Fans of the contentious couple are upset with Blueface’s latest line of inquiry because it seems to be a part of the child’s upbringing at this point and will upset the fans of the couple.


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