Get Ready for Besudh: Ullu Originals Unleashes Official Trailer, Premiering December 26th

Besudh – Release Date, Story, Actress, Trailer, Watch

Embark on an emotional rollercoaster with Besudh, a web series that intricately explores the dynamics of love and friendship. In its debut season, Part 1, the narrative revolves around the lives of two inseparable friends, portrayed with finesse by Leena Singh and Anita Jaiswal. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when both find themselves enamored by the same older gentleman, brilliantly portrayed by Ayushi Bhowmick.


Besudh delves into the intricacies of friendship and love, testing the limits of these bonds in the face of societal norms. While understanding allies surround them, the judgmental eyes of society cast shadows on their unique love story. The central question arises: Can their friendship endure the storms of societal expectations, or will it crumble under the weight of conflicting emotions?

Stellar Cast:

Leena Singh
Anita Jaiswal
Ayushi Bhowmick

Season and Genre:

Season: 1
Part: 1
Genre: Romantic Drama

Streaming Dynamics:

Exclusive to the Ullu App, Besudh unfolds its captivating narrative in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The streaming date is set for 26th December 2023 (Tuesday), promising a perfect blend of romance and drama to grace your screens this holiday season.

Official Trailer

Watching Guide:

To immerse yourself in the compelling world of Besudh, follow these steps to access all episodes on the Ullu platform:

Enter Ullu:

Visit the Ullu website or install the app on your device.

Subscription Ritual:

Newcomers can subscribe to a plan of their choice to unlock a treasure trove of web series content.

Payment Gateway:

Complete the payment process to unlock seamless access to the entire Ullu library.

Besudh Hunt:

Once subscribed, navigate to your dashboard and seek out the Besudh series.

Commence Viewing:

Click on the series poster from the search results to commence streaming all episodes online. For those on the go, episodes are available for download, allowing for an offline viewing experience.

Prepare for an emotional odyssey with Besudh, where the boundaries of love and friendship are put to the test, promising a tapestry of emotions that will linger in your heart long after the screen fades to black.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Besudh Web Series

Q1: What is Besudh Web Series about?

A1: Besudh is a romantic drama web series that unfolds the complex story of two lifelong best friends who find themselves in love with the same older gentleman. The series explores the challenges their friendship faces in the wake of societal norms and judgments.

Q2: Who are the main cast members of Besudh?

A2: The main cast includes Leena Singh and Anita Jaiswal, portraying the best friends, and Ayushi Bhowmick as the older gentleman they both fall in love with.

Q3: In which languages is Besudh available?

A3: Besudh is available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages, catering to a diverse audience.

Q4: When is the streaming date for Besudh Season 1, Part 1?

A4: The streaming date for Besudh Season 1, Part 1 is set for 26th December 2023 (Tuesday).

Q5: On which online video platform can I watch Besudh?

A5: Besudh is exclusively available on the Ullu App, providing a convenient platform for viewers to access the series.

Q6: How can I watch Besudh online on Ullu?

A6: To watch Besudh on Ullu, follow these steps:

Visit the Ullu website or install the app.
Subscribe to a preferred plan.
Complete the payment process.
Search for Besudh on your dashboard.
Click on the poster to watch all episodes online or download for offline viewing.

Q7: Can I download Besudh episodes for offline viewing?

A7: Yes, Besudh episodes can be downloaded through the Ullu App, allowing you to enjoy them offline.

Q8: Is Besudh Season 1, Part 1 the complete series?

A8: Season 1, Part 1 represents a segment of the Besudh series. Additional parts or seasons may follow, continuing the storyline.

Q9: Is there a free trial available on Ullu for Besudh?

A9: Ullu typically offers subscription plans, and a free trial may be available for new users. Check the Ullu website or app for the latest subscription details.

Q10: How can I contact the support team for any issues related to Besudh or Ullu?

A10: For support or inquiries, refer to the Ullu App’s customer support section, where you can find contact information and assistance options.


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