Babar Azam, a cricket player for Pakistan, released a video that went viral.

The captain of the Pakistani cricket team, Babar Azam, is reportedly embroiled in a fresh controversy as a result of his personal recordings and conversations being made public. This latest scandal follows criticism for the way he leads and performs with his team.

There has been a great deal of controversy on social media regarding claims that private conversations between Babar and a woman were leaked. The authenticity of the video clip has been questioned, though. Is it fake or real, some people wonder.

It appears that audio recordings of Babar have also been released, in addition to the videos and conversations. On Twitter, there are varying viewpoints regarding this issue. There is a divide among experts regarding the authenticity of the leaked material; some believe it is a part of a plot to damage the reputation of the Pakistani cricket captain. Many tweets supporting and criticizing Babar have surfaced since this dispute.

Babar has encountered difficulties outside of cricket on previous occasions. A woman reported him for s3xual abuse in November 2020, claiming the player had misled her for ten years, promising marriage while making other derogatory remarks about her.

“I have known Babar since the days when he wasn’t involved with cricket,” the woman, whose name has not been disclosed, told the media. His upbringing was impoverished. This is my family, and I sincerely hope that everyone in this room will assist me in obtaining justice so that no other girl has to experience what I have. I lived with Babar while we were growing up in the same neighbourhood.

About their relationship, she remarked, “He was my school friend.” I accepted his marriage proposal in 2010 when he asked. Once at my house, he made a proposal to me. It became more clear to us as time went on. After telling our relatives about our desire to get married, they rejected our proposal. A court marriage was then decided upon by Babar and me.

Babar had intended to marry me, so the two of us ran away together in 2011. Afterward, he kept me in rental properties. “We are not in a position to” was his response to my repeated requests for marriage at that time. “We’ll get married someday.”

The leader of Pakistani cricket, both on and off the pitch, is drawing more and more attention as the controversy continues. Babar’s cricket career and reputation are currently unknown as a result of this latest scandal.


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    i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at asia. She was previously reporting for bureau and channel.

Viral Video

i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at asia. She was previously reporting for bureau and channel.

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