ATM Bhabhi Web Series on Voovi App, Cast, Release Date, Story, and Link to Download the Complete Episode

On the official Voovi app, you can watch the most recent episodes of the ATM Bhabhi web series online. Fans and critics of the web series praised the presentation of the show. On December 2, 2022, the final two episodes of the comedy-drama series were released. The prior episode of the ATM Bhabhi Voovi web series was well-liked by viewers due to their captivating performances in different web series and their engaging storytelling.

Neha Gupta, Noor Malabika, Aliya Naaz, and Pooja Sinha were cast as the main characters in the ATM Bhabhi web series. Eight 20 to 25-minute episodes make up the ATM Bhabhi web series.

The Voovi App allows you to access all of ATM Bhabhi’s episodes online. Aayushi Jaiswal, Paromita Dey, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Muskan Agarwal played the lead characters in the previous Voovi App web series Chaar Saheliyaan.

Web Series Cast for ATM Bhabhi

Aliya Naaz
Neha Gupta
Noor Malabika
Pooja Sinha
Deepak Raj
Gaurav Singh
Akshar Bhardwaj

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A group of villagers is shown in the opening scene of episode 6 of the ATM Bhabhi web series talking about the character. Aliya Naaz (ATM Bhabhi) introduced the group to her husband as he arrived to meet her in the village in the meantime. The focus of the action changed to Neha Gupta and her husband enjoying a passionate date at their home.

The ATM Bhabhi web series’ final episode is a fantastic capstone, though. First, we see Aliya Naaz in all her glory, dressed in blue underwear, standing next to her husband. Beautifully lit and edited, the love scene highlights Aliya Naaz’s amazing figure.

Even though we could devote the entirety of this article to praising SSK Sir’s direction and Aliya Naaz’s alluring appearance, the web series also features something else that will catch your eye. With her charismatic performance during the wedding night scene, Noor Malabika increased the oomph factor.

As she awaits the arrival of her husband and the beginning, Noor Malabika is seen wearing her wedding attire. There is a lot of romance in the setting. Due to the intense romantic scene, she has in ATM Bhabhi, Noor Malabika is unquestionably the Friday star. She also has a peculiar car wash scene in Palang Tod Siskiyaan 3, an Ullu Web Series. Unexpectedly, SSK Sir also served as the director for that.

Two episodes of the long-running Voovi web series, ATM Bhabhi, were recently released. For the upcoming week, Voovi promises to deliver yet another captivating web series.

Web series screenshots for ATM Bhabhi

Web series for ATM Bhabhi screenshots

Web series for ATM Bhabhi screenshots

ATM Bhabhi Web Series on Voovi App Review & Cast, Story, Release Date, All Episodes, Download link

Web Series Title ATM Bhabhi Web Series on Voovi App
Genre:- Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Original network:- Voovi App
Original release:- 2nd December 2022
Running time 20 to 25 minutes
Video Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 8k
Download Video size 400MB, 700MB, 900MB
Online Video Platform OTT (streaming content on the world wide web)
Producer by:- Voovi App
No. of Season:-
No. of Part:-
No. of episodes:- 2
Production company(s) Voovi App
Original language(s):- Hindi
Director Helmed by Mukesh Narayan Agarwal
Web Series Crew Members Aliya Naaz
Neha Gupta
Noor Malabika
Pooja Sinha
Deepak Raj
Gaurav Singh
Akshar Bhardwaj


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