Another Topless Urfi Javed appearance! wearing a green Wired dress and a nosepin

The newest video from Urfi Javed features Urfi Javed once more! Despite the fact that we are well aware of the fact, Urfi consistently manages to surprise her audience with her wardrobe decisions. Moreover, Urfi wore a bold and distinctive outfit this time as well! The Bigg Boss OTT star again removed her top, this time covering her assets with two circular pieces of cloth.

Check out Urfi Javed’s most audacious video.

Topless Urfi Javed appearance

Urfi, on the other hand, this time wore a bottle green dress to show off her toned body. On some green wires, a pencil skirt is fastened. With a piece of cloth, she continued to cover the upper part of her body before covering part of her breast.

The silver nose pin and ponytail she wore finish off her look. added subtle makeup, such as a winged liner and nude lipstick.

Users’ Reaction to Topless Urfi Javed’s appearance

Again, many people did not like her appearance and cruelly teased her. While others penned, “What kind of Muslim are you?” “So Overdressed.”
Others praised her appearance and said things like, “You are fire,” and “The nose pin really suits you.”

Urfi and Chahatt Khanna had a violent altercation only a few days prior. It all began when Chahatt remarked on Urfi’s clothing choices and how she might end up being a negative role model for young people. Urfi responded by attacking her, calling her an aunty, and then making snide remarks about her personal life.


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