All Episodes of Same Wali Khidki Part 2 Web Series Ullu, Trailer Review

New web series and series that are also widely viewed online are added to the ullu app every week. The Ullu app is one of the most downloaded and watched platforms on the internet today as a result of the numerous new web series that is being produced for it. As of right now, the Ullu app has a new web series called Same Wali Khidki part 2 that was previously released on this app as part of the series and is now being continued there.

Please give us more information about the second instalment of the web series Samne Wali Khidki as well as its release date.

Date of the Second Episode of the Web Series Same Wali Khidki

A web series called Same Wali Khidki part 1 had previously been released on the ullu app on September 6th, 2022, and it received a lot of positive feedback from viewers of the ullu app. Many people also watched it. This web series’ second instalment will soon be available on the Ullu app, and the second instalment’s trailer has already been posted to the web series’ YouTube channel. According to reports, Samne wali khidki’s second instalment will premiere on September 13th, 2022. This second instalment will be a continuation of the first, and will then lead into the first episode of the second instalment. This show will also have a total of two episodes.

Web Series Cast for Same Wali Khidki, Part 2

Speaking of the Samne Wali Khidki cast, Priya Gamre will play the series’ lead role, and the other actors include Ruks Khandagale as Anita, Aaysuhi Jaiswal as Neha, Karan Mehta as Ashish, and Shahalam Khan as Raj. The only audiences allowed to watch this web series, which is directed by YKO, are adults or those who are older than 18.

The drama and erotica of the web series. Numerous new web series has been released on the Ullu app in addition to Same Wali Khidki. Siskiyaan Season part 2, among others, is some of the most recent web series to be released on the Ullu app. There are many other series available on the app.

The storyline of Same Wali Khidki Part 2 of the Web Series

As Ashish learns that his girlfriend has been having an extramarital affair, the plot will move forward as he keeps a close eye on her. He also learns that one of his friends is paying his girlfriend to have an intimate relationship with her. While Ashish is frustrated by Neha’s betrayal of him, he finds comfort in Anita and tries to engage in physical contact with her.

Ashish must now decide whether or not to try to physically interact with Anita. Additionally, it is shown how Ashish and Neha engage in some physical contact for the last time before he learns that one of his friends is paying Neha, his girlfriend, to engage in some physical contact with him. The remainder of the story can be seen in the web series, which will continue.


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