Alizeh Shah In Trouble Over Viral Smoking Video

Alizeh Shah is pursuing harsh measures against those who recorded and posted her smoking video on the internet.

Imran Riaz, the head of Sindh’s FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Cyber Crime, took to Instagram Stories on Friday to express his support for actress Alizeh Shah after a smoking video of the Ehd-e-Wafa actress went viral.

In his clip, Imran iterated that

“capturing, uploading, sharing, re-tweeting and transmitting a person’s video without their consent falls under electronic crime and a people who are involved in the act can be imprisoned for at least three years or could be subject to a Rs.10 lac penalty.”

Shah, who has generally been silent about the video, took to Instagram to post Imran Riaz’s statement in her case.

Alizeh Shah is taking actions against her viral smoking video



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