Adil Durrani publicly kicked Rakhi Sawant

Video of Rakhi Sawant Beating: A new video of Rakhi Sawant has surfaced on social media and is quickly becoming very popular. Adil can be seen in the video kicking Rakhi with her feet when she requests a kiss.

Rakhi Sawant Adil Video: Every day, actress Rakhi Sawant stirs up some controversy. A new Rakhi Sawant video has recently surfaced on social media, and it is quickly becoming very popular. As soon as Rakhi leaves the house each day, the paparazzi can be seen having a great time with her. She was seen doing something similar this time as well, but Rakhi has gained some weight this time in order to enjoy herself with her boyfriend.

Adil Durrani kicked Rakhi Sawant.

Paparazzi photographed Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend. Rakhi suddenly appeared in a very playful mood during this, and the actress abruptly began demanding kisses from her boyfriend. Adil also enjoyed himself in this scenario. Adil flexed her knee in jest and struck Rakhi in the back. Rakhi looked like she was feeling very loud from the look on her face. As a result, internet users claim that Rakhi has plenty of opportunities to enjoy herself with Adil at the moment.

Response from Rakhi Sawant to Ranveer Singh’s nak*ed photo shoot

Rakhi Sawant also discussed Ranveer Singh’s nud*e photo shoot at this time. The explanation for Ranveer Singh’s nud*ity was provided by Rakhi Sawant. When reporters inquired about Ranveer Singh’s nud*e photo, Rakhi Sawant became enraged and began claiming that Ranveer had not taken any such photos and that instead, nud*e was only in the reporters’ eyes. I am his friend. When Ranveer went to take a bath while the air conditioner was running, a monkey had already taken her clothes. It was so hot. This video is currently trending on social media, and Rakhi Sawant’s flirtatious behaviour is getting a lot of likes.

Marriage of Rakhi Sawant and Adil Durrani

Let us tell you that the anticipation for Rakhi and Adil’s nuptials is palpable. Frequently, Rakhi is heard discussing her upcoming nuptials to Adil, but so far, Rakhi has not provided an official timeline.


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