Actress Manvi Chugh – Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Web Series List

In the tapestry of Indian entertainment, the vibrant threads of talent, passion, and charisma weave together to create a captivating narrative. One such thread is Manvi Chugh, a multifaceted personality known for her roles as a YouTuber, model, actress, and Instagram sensation. Born on February 15, 1994, in the bustling city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Manvi’s journey unfolds like a compelling script, filled with dedication and success.

Early Years and Educational Journey

Manvi’s roots are firmly planted in Mumbai, where she navigated through the corridors of a private local school before embarking on her higher education at a local college. Graduating with honors, she carried the torch of her dreams into the competitive world of entertainment.

A Prolific Career

Manvi Chugh’s resume reads like a who’s who of popular Hindi television series. From “Dev Anand” to “Chandrakanta,” “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah,” and “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,” she has graced the small screen with her arresting performances. However, her journey took an exciting turn in 2020 when she ventured into the digital domain with the web series “Woodpecker,” portraying the titular character, Nandini. This marked the beginning of her digital conquest, with subsequent lead roles in series like “Riti Riwaj,” “Raja Ka Baja Charmsukh,” “Kuttey Ki Maut Jaghanya,” and more.

Physical Grace and Charisma

Standing at a statuesque 5 feet 5 inches, Manvi Chugh is a vision of elegance. Her weight of 57kg complements her body measurements of 32-30-33. Accentuated by captivating black eyes and lustrous black hair, she effortlessly embodies the allure of a modern-day star.

Guarded Personal Life and Prosperous Career

While Manvi keeps the details of her personal life discreet, her professional success speaks volumes. With an estimated net worth ranging between INR 1-2 crores as of 2024, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Her earnings are not solely derived from her acting prowess but are also a testament to her influential social media presence and lucrative brand endorsements.

Actress Manvi Chugh Photos

Manvi Chugh: A Rising Star's Odyssey in the World of Entertainment
Credit goes to Manvi Chugh Instagram
Manvi Chugh: A Rising Star's Odyssey in the World of Entertainment
Credit goes to Manvi Chugh Instagram
Manvi Chugh: A Rising Star's Odyssey in the World of Entertainment
Credit goes to Manvi Chugh Instagram
Manvi Chugh: A Rising Star's Odyssey in the World of Entertainment
Credit goes to Manvi Chugh Instagram

Manvi Chugh Web Series List



Release Date

Lead Cast

Dubai Bhauji Web Series
Web Series
Manvi Chugh
Swapn Dosh Web Series
Web Series
Manvi Chugh
Main Yahan Tu Wahan Part 2
Web Series
Manvi Chugh
Main Yahan Tu Wahan Web
Web Series
Manvi Chugh
Joru Ka Gulam Web Series
Web Series
Manvi Chugh
Rangeen Kahaniyan
TV Series
Bhanu Suryam Thakur in Main Yahan…
TV Series
Renu (4 episodes)
Picture Abhi Baaki Hai
Manvi Chugh
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Shyna Khatri, Rani Pari, Lucky Saini
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Maahi Khan, Rajni Mehta
Anokha Daan
Web Series
Not available
Manvi Chugh, Maahi Khan
Rikshawala Part 2
Web Series
Jinnie Jazz, Manvi Chugh
Web Series
Jinnie Jazz, Ruks Khandagale, Manvi Chugh
Gandi Baat 7
Web Series
Garima Maurya, Manvi Chugh, Shivangi Roy, Bhanu Suryam, Sreyoshi, Jinal Jain, Bhavna Rokade
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Aayushi Jaiswal, Neha Gupta
Raja ka Baja Charmsukh
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Hiral Radadiya
Kutte Ki Maut Jaghanya
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Tanya Desai, Alika Nair
Web Series
Joshua Chhabra, Manvi Chugh, Anushka Srivastav
Riti Riwaz Pinjara
Web Series
Manvi Chugh, Mishti Basu
Charmsukh Sex Education
Web Series
Rajsi Verma, Manvi Chugh
Web Series
Nehal Vadoliya, Surabhi Tiwari, Manvi Chugh
Riti Riwaz-Love Festival
Web Series
Khushi Mukherjee, Manvi Chugh

Manvi Chugh TV Serials List

  • Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
  • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
  • Dev Anand
  • Chandrakanta

Digital Diva: Presence Across Platforms

In the age of digital dominance, Manvi Chugh has established a strong presence across various social media platforms. Fans can catch glimpses of her life on Instagram @thisismanvi, connect on Facebook Manvichughofficial, follow her on Twitter @ManviChugh3, and watch her engaging videos on YouTube. For professional inquiries, she can be reached via email at Her IMDB profile here showcases the depth of her contributions to the world of entertainment.

As the chapters of Manvi Chugh’s life continue to unfold, the entertainment industry awaits the next thrilling installment. Her narrative, rich with accomplishments, promises an enduring legacy in the ever-evolving tapestry of Indian showbiz.

FAQs about Manvi Chugh

Q: When was Manvi Chugh born?

A: Manvi Chugh was born on February 15, 1994.

Q: What is Manvi’s educational background?

A: She attended a private local school and graduated from a private local college in India.

Q: What is Manvi’s height and weight?

A: Manvi stands at 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 57kg.

Q: Can you provide details about Manvi’s family?

A: Details about her family, including her parents and siblings, are currently unavailable.

Q: What is Manvi Chugh’s career?

A: Manvi is a YouTuber, model, actress, and Instagram star. She has appeared in popular Hindi television series and various web series.

Q: What are some of the web series Manvi has been a part of?

A: Manvi has played lead roles in web series such as “Woodpecker,” “Riti Riwaj,” “Charmsukh,” and others.

Q: What are Manvi’s body measurements?

A: Her body measurements are Chest: 32 inches, Waist: 30 inches, and Hips: 33 inches.

Q: Is Manvi Chugh married?

A: No, she is currently unmarried, and details about her personal life are not publicly disclosed.

Q: What is Manvi’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Manvi Chugh’s estimated net worth is around INR 1-2 crores.

Q: Where can I follow Manvi on social media?

A: You can find her on Instagram @thisismanvi, Facebook Manvichughofficial, and Twitter @ManviChugh3. Her videos can be watched on YouTube.
For professional inquiries, contact her at Her IMDB profile is here.


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