Actor Shahbaz Shigri’s mistress, Singer Aima Baig, is under fire.

Since a scandalous rumor began spreading about her, Aima Baig is being under-trolled by the entire internet community. Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig officially split up, and she also called off their engagement. She broke off the engagement for no apparent reason, and Shahbaz said nothing further.

In Pakistan right now, Aima is without a doubt the most well-known and popular female singer. The majority of the film songs, OSTs, and concerts now belong to her. But because of this recent turn in her life, she is now more well-known than ever for all the wrong reasons.

Since a British model made a front against her, she is the subject of accusations. Aima is allegedly dating filmmaker Qes Ahmad, according to other allegations. Due to the fact that it is trending on Twitter, the controversy seems to never end. As well as making fun of Aima, internet users are making memes about this problem.

Aima Baig recently broke her engagement to her fans by posting a message on her official Instagram account. She also requested that you refrain from sending her any “sorry texts” because she was content with her life. She removed every photo of Shahbaz Shigri, but she gave no explanation as to why. Shahbaz did not speak either. The fans began to make assumptions about why it was.

Cheating allegations against Aima Baig

The surprise came to an end. Aima Baig has been accused of cheating by British model Taloulah Mair. She created a story against her on Instagram, calling her “one of the most famous women in Pakistan,” and posted it.

According to Taloulah, her ex-boyfriend Qes Ahmad is dating our well-known Pakistani singer. Aima broke off her engagement, according to her, and she blamed a Pakistani filmmaker living in the UK named Qes Ahmad. She claims that while boasting about his relationship in front of Taloulah, Qes himself acknowledged dating one of Pakistan’s most well-known women. She also claimed that Aima had paid for the apartment in Dubai where she and Qes had stayed.

The British model claimed that Qes was a liar who had committed fraud alongside her. She alleged that he had stolen £1,000 from her and had also cheated on her. She added that during the course of the affair, Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri were engaged. She also displayed screenshots from a conversation with Shahbaz to further support her case.

This is the evidence Chat between Qes Ahmad, Singer Aima Baig:

Talaoulah did not arrive without any supporting documentation. She had completed all of her research on her ex-boyfriend and Aima Baig. She disproved her claims by releasing a screenshot of a conversation between Aima and Qes Ahmad.

The Reaction of Qes

Qes responded to this tale and the drama that went viral on Instagram. He wrote a lengthy paragraph in which he refuted claims that he had defrauded or stolen from Taloulah. He accused her behind his back of being unfaithful to him and robbing him of those 1,000 pounds. He also mentioned the fact that she was causing all this drama because she was unemployed. It’s significant to point out that he made no mention of Aima Baig at all.

The Reaction of Aima Baig

If Aima had not stepped in, it would have simply passed as a flinch. Numerous screenshots of the well-known Pakistani singer’s attempts to reach Taloulah were also shared on Instagram. Aima attempted to block her account when she didn’t answer the calls, and it was successful. The UK model is using her photography account to tell her stories and show the world the real Aima.

She also shared a video of a call she and Aima had, during which Qes Ahmad could be heard. Aima accused Qes of rape during the call, and Qes retaliated without delay. As soon as he made that accusation, he retaliated against her. For calling him a rapist, she infuriated him.

Response of the audience

Various responses to this scandal are being seen across the internet. Some people are defending the singer they like against this charge. Others are criticising her for calling off her engagement, though. Funny memes are also being created by them. These are a few.

Leaked full audio call between Qes Ahmad and singer Aima Baig



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    i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at asia. She was previously reporting for bureau and channel.

Viral Video

i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at asia. She was previously reporting for bureau and channel.

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