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The upcoming web series 9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah is set to premiere on the widely popular OTT platform Ullu app. With significant anticipation building around its release, fans are eager to learn more about the cast, storyline, and other details. Here’s a comprehensive look at what to expect from this exciting new series.

Web Series Details

Title: 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah)
Release Date: 21 May 2024
Language: Hindi
Genre: Erotic, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 4
Certificate: A (Adul*t Content)
OTT Platform: Ullu App

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah Main Cast

The series features a promising star cast, with Zoya Rathore taking the lead role:

Zoya Rathore: Renowned for her bold and captivating performances, Zoya Rathore brings her acting prowess to this new series. Her involvement is a significant draw for the audience, promising an engaging performance.

Plot Summary

9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah) tells a story filled with love, risk, and desire. The plot can be encapsulated by the following poetic lines:

The dialogue appears to be a conversation between two individuals, discussing relationships, marriage, and personal struggles. The speaker expresses reluctance to let go of someone despite feeling unfulfilled, citing financial dependency and societal pressures. There’s a plea for the other person’s phone number, highlighting a desire for connection. The dialogue ends with a reference to a password, symbolizing familiarity and continuity amidst change.

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah | Part 1 Streaming on Ullu

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah | Part 1 Streaming on Ullu

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah | Part 1 Streaming on Ullu

Pyaar mein fasi hai Jaan
Ishq mein na ho Jaye hum kurban
Har kadam par khatra hai
Phir bhi badh rahe hai Dil ke aarman

These lines hint at a thrilling journey where the characters face constant danger in the pursuit of love and passion. It is a tale of romance entangled with high stakes, promising an engaging viewing experience.

Creative Team

While detailed information about the entire crew isn’t specified, Ullu app productions are known for their skilled directors, writers, and producers who craft engaging narratives that resonate with their audience.

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah Release Information

9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah) is set to be released on 21 May 2024, exclusively on the Ullu app. The platform, known for its wide array of adult-themed web series, requires a subscription to access its content. Fans can look forward to a unique blend of eroticism, romance, and fantasy in this series.

9 2 11 | Nau Do Gyarah Official Trailer Youtube


With its intriguing storyline, stellar cast led by Zoya Rathore, and the hallmark bold content of Ullu app productions, 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah) is poised to be a standout addition to the platform. Be sure to catch its premiere on 21 May 2024, and delve into a world where love and danger walk hand in hand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When does the web series 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah) release?

A: The series is scheduled to release on 21 May 2024.

Q: What is the genre of 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah)?

A: The series falls under the genres of Erotic, Romance, and Fantasy.

Q: How many episodes does the web series have?

A: It consists of 4 episodes in total.

Q: Who is the lead actress in 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah)?

A: Zoya Rathore plays the lead role in the series.

Q: On which OTT platform can I watch 9 2 11 (Nau Do Gyarah)?

A: The series will be available exclusively on the Ullu App.

Q: Is the web series suitable for all audiences?

A: No, it has an A (Adul*t) certificate due to its adul*t content.

Q: Can I watch the series in languages other than Hindi?

A: As of now, the series is available only in Hindi.


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