30-year-old Shyamnagar Jamai Sali video goes viral on Twitter & Reddit

Shyamnagar Video Goes Viral: The social media era has significantly altered the ways in which we interact, share information, and communicate. Unfortunately, it has also made it simpler for people to spread false information online, engage in cybercrime, and invade people’s privacy.

viral video of Shyamnagar

The leaked video of Puja Roy, a woman from the Indian state of West Bengal’s Shyamnagar town in the Bhatpara Municipality’s North 24 Parganas district, is one such incident that has recently come to light. Puja Roy was previously relatively unknown but has now unexpectedly shot to fame for all the wrong reasons.

Why Puja Roy?

Except for the fact that she lives in Shyamnagar, not much information about her is readily available online. She was not well-known prior to this incident, and it is unknown how the leaked video came to feature her. A man, two women, and two other people are seen having sex on the leaked video.

Jamai Sali Viral Video from Shyamnagar

The video’s creator and method of a leak are unknown, but it spread like wildfire across social media sites very quickly. There have been rumors that Puja Roy is one of the women in the video, but this has not been confirmed. The video has generated a lot of debate and outrage, and many people have criticized those who posted it online.

Viral Video of Puja Roy from Shyamnagar

Puja Roy’s video leak has drawn a lot of criticism and debate. Some people have criticized her for performing intimate acts in front of the camera, and others have denounced those who posted the video online without getting her permission. Others have asserted that Puja Roy is a model and that she leaked the video herself as a shady publicity stunt.

Full Video Of Puja Roy

However, there is no proof to back up these assertions. Puja Roy has experienced a lot of harassment and abuse online as a result of the leaked video. She has been laughed at, had her private information shared, and even had violence threats made against her. When there is a cybercrime, the victim is frequently held accountable and shamed rather than the offender.


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