23-year-old Megan Eugenio’s TikTok account was hacked, and her social media video went viral.

Millennial social media sensation who became well-known for running the overtimemegan TikTok channel. She became very well-known thanks to her lip-syncs, montages, and dubs. Basketball also made up a sizable portion of her writing.

Before her account was disabled, she accumulated more than 2.4 million TikTok fans. She was a member of the OT House and Overtime social media groups, which are both very well-liked. She shared a picture on Instagram of herself and Tristan Jass hanging out in October of this year.

She was raised in Massachusetts, but now calls New York City, New York, home. Cole Schwindt and she have a romantic relationship.

On Instagram, she and Laurence Marsach collaborated.

TikTok Influencer ExtendedFollowing her hack, Megan deleted her TikTok account.

On social media, well-known influencer Megan Eugenio, also known as Overtime Megan, deleted her TikTok account. This is in response to recent rumors that she was the victim of hacking.

On April 28, a TikTok user named @noahglenncarter posted information about Megan Eugenio’s phone having been compromised. He revealed in the video that Megan Eugenio’s private videos had been exposed online, which led her to decide to make her Twitter account private and delete her TikTok account.

Eugenio has previously garnered media attention. She previously became the talk of the town when online rumors about her and NFL star Antonio Brown’s relationship circulated. This happened following the viral success of a photo from Brown’s Snapchat story showing him with an unknown woman.

The woman in the picture was assumed to be Eugenio by a number of online users; however, she later addressed the issue and refuted the dating rumors.

Notably, it’s not yet known whether Eugenio’s TikTok account has been deleted permanently or temporarily disabled. Fans are now waiting for updates on the subject from the social media personality.

Overtime Megan’s Twitter video viral

The hacking scandal that recently engulfed TikTok influencer Megan Eugenio, also known by the handle overtimemegan, forced her to delete her social media accounts. Eugenio removed her TikTok account and made her Twitter account priva*te, according to a well-liked TikTok video by @noahglenncarter, claiming that hackers had accessed her priva*te photos and videos without her knowledge. Prior to being deleted, Eugenio’s TikTok page had a sizable following of 2.5 million users. Even though it’s still unclear how Eugenio’s files were accessed by the hacker, this isn’t the first time she’s garnered media attention.


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