Who is Khadija, why was she taken by her friend's father, and why?

Why was Khadija’s friend’s father holding her captive, and who is she?

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Khadija was tortured by a Rawalpindi industrialist for refusing to be her bride.

A girl named Khadija was not just any girl; she was also this man’s daughter’s friend from school. So why did he abduct her and torture her?


Due to her rejection of her friend Ana Ali’s father’s marriage proposal, Khadija was a victim who was kidnapped, tortured, and subjected to se*xual abuse.

Sheikh Danish, the suspect

Businessman Danish Ali, a Paradise Valley resident of Rawalpindi, is the proprietor of Rawalpindi’s Best Export. The name of his daughter is Ana Ali.


The BDS student Khadija, who is in her final year, filed a complaint. She claimed that Sheikh Danish Ali, his daughter, Faizan, Shoaib, and Khan Muhammad tortured Khadija and her brother while holding them at gunpoint.

After that, the accused abducted her and her brother and took them to their house. Khadija was made to lick their shoes by them. On the advice of the alleged Sheikh Danish, Sheikh Ana Ali later recorded herself using scissors to trim my hair, and the video went viral on social media.

Sheikh Danish Ali allegedly repeatedly se*xually as*saulted Khadija. He also shaved her head and brows while physically, mentally, and se*xually as*saulting her.

The vicious video, which depicts the victim being beaten by the accused and having her hair cut, has been going viral on social media.

Danish stance

Accused In addition to claiming to not know Khadija, Sheikh Danish claimed that he and his family were being threatened.

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