Why Raj Kundra Paid Huge Money to This Actress Many Times

Why Raj Kundra Paid Huge Money to This Actress Many Times

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Why Raj Kundra Paid Huge Money to This Actress Many Times”

Popular businessman Raj Kundra got arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch on 19th of July. His police custody was extended till 27th of July by the local court of Mumbai. And now the court has ordered him to stay in judicial custody for 14 days more. Amidst all these news of the extension of his judicial custody, another shocking news has come forward recently. As per the reports, Raj Kundra was sending money in crores to an unidentified woman. But who is this woman? Is she someone related to Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty?Well, Mumbai crime branch is currently looking very carefully into the matter. They have recently got to know about two accounts of raj Kundra in Kanpur. Crime branch has ordered State Bank of India to seize both the accounts in Kanpur. As per the reports, the bank has revealed to crime branch, that crores were deposited to these bank accounts. But one of these account was under the name of a suspicious woman of Kanpur. And Raj Kundra used to transfer huge amounts to this account of Kanpur. Was she an actress of his obscene videos?Well, the woman is Harshita Srivastav and when her account got seized, it had more 2 crore and 32 lakh rupees. Crime branch later looked into Harshita Srivastav’s details carefully and they have found her link with Raj Kundra’s case finally. As per the reports, in the WhatsApp groups of Hotshot app, where Raj Kundra managed the business, a member named Arvind Srivastav is a part. And as per the reports, Harshita Srivastav is none other than Arvind Srivastav’s wife. Speculations suggest that Raj used to send money to Arvind’s wife’s account to avoid any suspicion.

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