Why Actress Sakina Samo Is Angry at Humayun Saeed

Why Actress Sakina Samo Is Angry at Humayun Saeed

Sakina Samo rejects Humayun Saeed’s new role in The Crown.

The actor took to her Twitter over the weekend in a series of tweets to express her disregard over the cast selection. When another user pointed out that “Maybe credit goes to Jemima Khan for selecting Humayun as she was one of the story consultants for season five,’ Sakina came up with a disapproving remark.

“Oh well, I don’t think any credit goes to her – they must have done auditions at least 4 other Pakistani actors too for this particular character. That’s the normal audition process. Her own film based on a Pakistani family Shabana Azmi was selected… so there you go.”

The actor later declared she will not be watching the Netflix original series just because Humayun Saeed is cast in it.

“He will block me too – and I will not be watching The Crown,” tweeted Sakina.

Earlier, the Dobara star expressed that she really thinks Fawad Khan would have done a better job if he had been cast.

“I just saw a picture of Dr Hasnat. Humayun may look like him now – but they are showing 90s Dr Hasnat.” Expressing her disappointment, the award-winning actor concluded, “I still think Fawad would have been a class act but alas.”

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