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Who is Sarah Inam, and why was her husband Shah Nawaz Amir murdering her?

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Who is Sarah Inam, and why was she killed by a Shah Nawaz Amir detail?

Sarah Inam’s age, relationship status, height, family, boyfriend, and Job

The 39-year-old female On July 2, 1979, Sarah Inam was born. Sarah Inam came from a background that was diverse. She received her early education at the Margalla Campus of the Beaconhouse School System in Islamabad. She received a behavioral psychology degree from a university in London.

United Nations World Food Organization employee Sarah Inam worked in Pakistan and the Middle East and was paid Rs 35Lac per month for her work. The couple wed on July 2, 2022, in Shah Nawaz Ameer. Sarah Inam, wife of Shah Nawaz Ameer, and wife-to-be of veteran journalist Ayaz Amir.

Sarah Inam and Ali Afandi subsequently called it quits after getting engaged. Between Shah Nawaz Ameer and Sarah Inam, only one marriage has taken place.

A Brief Family History of Sarah Inuam

The fourth sibling is hers. Two brothers now live in Canada, while one sister used to live in London. She was a citizen of Canada and had Pakistani ancestry. She is the youngest of her siblings. She was raised by her grandparents.

Shahnawaz Amir’s age, dating history, family history, occupation, and relationships

39 years old Shahnawaz Amir, detained by Islamabad police earlier in the day as a suspect in his wife’s murder, has stated that he “thought” his wife was having an extramarital affair. He is the son of senior journalist Ayaz Amir. He was somewhere around 39 years old. He shared a home in Islamabad’s Chak Shehzad farmhouse with his mother. He was allegedly a drug addict and unemployed.

Where Sara bibi and Shahnawaz first met

Shahnawaz and Sara Bibi first connected on social media. She returned from Dubai to Islamabad. “I thought she had an affair with someone else, but she’s assured me that she wasn’t seeing anyone,” Shahnawaz reportedly told the police.

He allegedly told police that he thought the deceased was “some other country’s agent” and that he “felt that she was plotting to kill him,” according to sources.

Why did Shahnawaz kill Sara Bibi, and where did he do it?

Because of her husband’s skepticism, Sarah Bibi perished. Shah Nawaz is the son of Ayaz Amir. On Friday in Islamabad’s Chak Shehzad neighborhood, senior journalist Shah Nawaz brutally murdered his wife.

Why did Shahnawaz kill Sara Bibi, and where did he do it?

A case against Shahnawaz Amir for the murder of his wife is currently pending.

A case has been brought against Shahnawaz, the journalist Ayaz Amir’s son, for killing his wife.

According to the FIR, the accused locked himself in the room when he noticed the police in the house. At the time of his arrest, the accused’s hands and shirt had blood stains on them.

The accused, who has admitted to the crime to the police, allegedly killed his wife during the argument by stabbing her with a dumbbell.

According to the FIR, the police removed the victim’s body from her bathtub after identifying the suspect. The FIR filed by the police claims that the victim had wounds on her head.

In an earlier statement, Shahnawaz Amir asserted that he “thought” his wife was having an affair.

During the initial investigation of the case, the suspect reportedly told the police that the deceased was his third wife and that they had been married for three months.

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