Watch: Who Is Julian Caillon & Dancing With Angie Kent?

Who Is Julian Caillon & Dancing With TV Personality Angie Kent?

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Good morning, everyone! As you may be aware, the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, also known as Dancing with the Stars, is becoming more alluring and interesting with each episode, and every time contestants or better yet, celebs show their moves, they make their fans even crazier for them, and the same thing happened with one of the most loved and famous celebrities whom we all know for her appearance alongside Yvie Jones on Gogglebox Australia from 2015 to 2018, yes, we are talking about Abby Lee Miller.

However, the names we’re talking about are no longer in the game, but some netizens recently looked up the show and watched some clips in which they saw Angie Kent and Julian Caillon perform a dance routine, and no doubt, because the performance was watched by her fans and audience, they were curious about the male and professional dancing partner. Julian Caillon, the man seen clutching her waist, is a fitness fanatic, a certified fitness trainer, and a dancer. Without a doubt, their tuning has made people crazy, and everyone wants to see them more, but we have even stronger competitors in the show, so the duo or pair had to leave the journey after that.

Angie Kent posted a clip of her stage on her official Instagram account on February 28, 2022, in which she expressed her sadness at having to leave her partner despite being fully charged with energy for more grooving. She shared two stage clips, one of which is her live performance and the other of her rehearsal, in a post. “I’m going to leave this here,” she captioned the video. I’m proud of my efforts regardless of the outcome; the video below is from one of the dress rehearsals prior to the show. Hair and cosmetics are obviously absent, as are lights, camera activity, and so forth.

This adaptation of my exhibition was my favourite, because during the live presentation, my nerves usually get the best of me. It’s a matter of self-esteem; I’m working on it. I can just tell how much fun I’m having, and this memory makes me happy.”

Well, she shared the clip before the images because she wrote in her images that she is sad to leave the show because she was not only having fun on stage but also learning so many things, but unfortunately the competition is getting tougher and she may have fallen short of something, and the journey has come to an end, but she will soon bring something new to make her fans happy.

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