Who Is Himesh Reshammiya’s wife, Sonia Kapur?

Who is Sonia Kapur, Himesh Reshammiya’s wife? Instagram, age, and more:

A video of popular music composer Himesh Reshammiya is currently going viral online and attracting a lot of attention. Yes, famous singer Himesh Reshammiya has joined the list of celebrities who have been trolled on social media after one of her videos went viral, in which he was spotted at the airport with her wife. As a result, we’d like to inform you that he is being mocked on social media for his height after being seen posing with his wife while standing on his toes.

Sonia Kapur is the wife of Himesh Reshammiya.

The entire scene was captured on camera, and it is quickly becoming a viral internet sensation. We’ve gathered social media users’ responses here. A video of a music composer has recently gone viral on social media platforms, garnering a lot of attention. Himesh can be seen in the video posing with his wife Sonia Kapoor while standing on his tippy toes. Netizens began mocking him for his height as soon as the video went viral. On social media, he’s being mocked for his personality and stature.

Sonia Kapoor, wife of Himesh Reshammiya, has an Instagram account.

Himesh is attempting to pose on his toes with his wife while holding her in the video that went viral on the internet. Not only that, but he nearly fell over while balancing his feet to keep up with his wife’s height. Himesh is dressed in a patterned shirt and white sneakers in the video. His wife, on the other hand, was dressed glamorously in a white paint suit.

Photos of Sonia Kapoor, Himesh Reshammiya’s wife

Sonia and Himesh married in a private ceremony on May 11, 2018, with only a few close friends and family present. “We’ve been together for a long time,” he explained at the time. “Marriage was a natural progression.” It feels great to have our relationship formally recognised. Both of us have a romantic side to us. “Life can’t get any better now that I’m with the woman I love.”

Himesh Kapoor is married for the second time to Sonia Kapoor. He was married to Komal for nearly 22 years prior to this. Swayam, the son of the ex-couple, was born to them. In June of 2017, they divorced. Komal is said to have been the catalyst for their split. Komal, on the other hand, has categorically denied all charges. For more information, stay with us.


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