What was Lila Ammouri's and Susan Frazier's cause of death?

What was Lila Ammouri’s and Susan Frazier’s cause of death?

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What was the cause of death for Lila Ammouri and Susan Frazier?

Two phoenix sisters, Lila Ammouri and Susan Frazier, have been missing since February 13, according to reports on the internet. They both flew out on the same day, but they never returned home. His friends and family were now concerned for their well-being. They also want to know why both of them left. We’ll give you some background on the two sisters and where they’re going in this article. So, hang in there with our lads.

Susan Frazier and Lila Ammouri: Who Were They?

Two sisters decided to travel to Switzerland together on February 3rd. They travelled to Switzerland to see the beautiful sights and spend time with each other. They arrive at the airport the next day, check their tickets, and locate their seats. The skies were clear, and the planes were in excellent condition. They had a great time and explored every corner of Switzerland during their vacation. Everything appeared to be running smoothly. Until such a time as this does not come to pass.

Susan Frazier’s Death And That Of Lila Ammouri

According to reports, they flew back to their hometown in Switzerland. However, they never return home. Many people believe the plane crashed on the way or that they were kidnapped while taking a taxi based on this information. Assumptions vary from one person to the next. There is no confirmation of this statement, according to authorities and some officials. They were unable to locate any solid evidence or proof that they were both deceased.

Susan Frazier and Lila Ammouri were killed in a car accident.

Investigators have begun their investigation and are on their way to discovering the identities of the two sisters. However, because the two have vanished, they are scrutinising the flight’s passenger details, crisscrossing the booked seat matches. We’ll update this article and let you know if the cops discover anything.

Finally, they both sent texts in their native languages. The language, however, is not understood by anyone. Because the messages they’re sending are in a different language, it’s difficult to understand them. According to KPHPO, the sister’s disappearance had been reported to the Phoenix Police Department, FBI, Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ), and Interpol. If anything new comes to light in her case, we’ll update this article. In the meantime, keep an eye on this site.

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