What caused Bengali TV Actress Pallavi Dey's death?

What caused Bengali TV Actress Pallavi Dey’s death?

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What was Pallavi Dey’s cause of death? Bengali TV Actress Killed at Her Kolkata Home:

Pallavi Dey, a popular Bengali TV actress who has appeared in numerous television shows and reality shows, including Ami Siraj Begun, Resham Jhapi, Kunjochaya, and others, died on Sunday at her Kolkata home. Her throat had choked and she was found dead in her room, hanging from the ceiling of the fan. Officials confirmed the incident as a suicide, but speculated that it could have been a murder disguised as a suicide. Her family rushed her to the MR Bangur hospital in Kolkata, where she died.
Pallavi Dey’s body was sent to Post Martin after police filed a report and investigated the case. Her family and friends were stunned by the news. The news has shocked and saddened colleagues in the Bengali television industry, and no one knows why she took such drastic measures.

Pallavi Dey’s Cause of Death?

Based on the preliminary investigation, police believe it was a suicide, but they are still looking for evidence, and a final announcement will only be made once the post-mortem report and crime scene situation match. A case of unnatural death has been filed, according to an investigation official. Pallavi Dey has been living in a rented apartment in south Kolkata with her live-in partner, Sagnik Chakraborty, since April 24th, 2022.

Pallavi Dey was murdered or committed suicide.

Sagnik Chakraborty’s family accuses him of wrongdoing, and the police are questioning him. Sagnik Chakraborty has denied all of the allegations, claiming that their relationship was fine and that there was no major issue between them. Police have also questioned her close friends to see if she is having problems, suffering from depression, or experiencing any other type of disruption in her life.

Photos and Videos of Pallavi Dey’s Funeral

This is not the first time that suicide news has surfaced; in the past, many young actors from the film and entertainment industries have taken such drastic measures, and this type of incident defames the entertainment industry and lowers the morale of newcomers. Many well-known actors and actresses have taken such drastic measures without thinking about their families and friends.

Pallavi Dey’s death was mysterious.

People have linked it to a premeditated murder, but such claims have been proven false. Police are still investigating this angle, and the majority of the issues will be resolved once the post-mortem report is released. Her fans paid tribute to her on social media, and many well-known people tweeted their condolences, urging people not to take such drastic measures over minor issues.

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