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Trisha Kar Madhu, a Bhojpuri actress, gained attention after her priva*te video went viral online.

She was seen in a bedroom with an unidentified man in the popular video. The actress appears to be returning right now to perform for her fans.
The item song “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu” that Trisha recently composed has been well received by the audience. Sai Prakash wrote the music, and Sunny Gehlori sang the song.

Recently, the actress posted a sneak peek from “Ka Kare Coaching Jalu” on her Instagram in addition to announcing the track. She used the hashtags “#janilekahearajalu #raushansingh #trishakarmadhuofficial @raushansinghsh” and “#raushansingh”.

The actress’s 22-minute viral video shocked the internet in August when it went viral. She has since started to receive online hara*ssment. Trisha was shown cuddling up to an unidentified man in a bedroom in the popular video. She was the subject of criticism after the act, which caused controve*rsy. After the video went viral, she appeared on social media and apologized for her behavior.

Shocking! Shilpi Raj’s video is Viral following the Viral of Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu.

Singer Shilpi Raj from Bhojpur is in the news due to her Viral video. Shilpi and her boyfriend were recently seen in an off*ensive position in a video that recently began to circulate on social media. The video clip quickly gained popularity after it was posted online. In a recent video that Shilpi shared, she begged internet users not to repost the Viral video while sobbing. “I have a happy environment here and a happy marriage, but there is absolutely no happiness.” Shilpi said, “I feel strange.”

She asks the internet users to remove the video and not reshare it while making hints that she has been taken advantage of. She declared, “I haven’t come forward on my own. I’m now in line thanks to you guys. Your love is mine. In school, I once sang. People are having issues now that I’m getting a little name. She continued, “Why are you uploading filthy videos to YouTube?” while breaking down in tears. Everything is beyond my comprehension. People are making derogatory remarks and asking, “Who is your boyfriend?” Could you please remove that video?

She is not the first person in the Bhojpuri entertainment industry whose viral video has been exposed on social media. In a previous incident, the actress Trishakar Madhu’s priva*te video was also Viral, revealing her in a compromising position with a man. Trisha Kar Madhu posted a statement on her social media page after her MM*S went viral. She wrote, “Khuda sab dekta hai, muje gerane k leye meri priva*te video viral kar deye, aap ki Sister k sath koy sadi kar k or aagle din #suhagrat ka video viral kar de to bariya lage ga Iatna gatiya kuch log v hote hai ye nahe janti the, Bihar me.

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