Theuns Du Toit Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Watch: Theuns Du Toit Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit

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Human evolution has progressed, and as a species, we have come a long way, standing strong and supporting one another in every way. However, where there is positivity, there is also a certain amount of negativity that evolves over time. Negativity has led many people down and pushed the mental trigger of many people, despite the fact that positive people help humans and make the world a better place to survive. Thenus Du Toit is one incident that has caught the attention of many people. This is a popular internet video.

Du Toit’s Theuns

You should reconsider your child’s education if they as**sault someone or are as**saulted. A white man is accused of as**saulting a black man in this instance. Some people are still stuck in the mediaeval era, even though humanity has advanced to new heights in terms of physical, mental, financial, and technological advancements. The viral video shows a man urinating on a black man’s laptop. Is it possible for a man to get any worse? The internet is circulating a photograph of a white man urinating on a black man’s laptop.

On Twitter and Reddit, Theuns Du Toit’s video went viral.

When the picture reached the authorities, the white student was expelled from his college. Thenus Du Toit was identified as the white man, and Huis Marais was identified as the black man on whose laptop the white man urinated. People mock and make fun of the white guy on the internet. That’s a good thing, because discriminating solely on the basis of skin colour is both cruel and insensitive. This level of prejudice and hatred between students is unacceptable.

These issues should be addressed by educational groups and institutions, as well as efforts to improve student safety. Expulsion isn’t the answer; one of the video’s comments suggested that he should face harsher punishment. Which we can accept as true because we are still fighting against cultural and colour prejudice, and incidents like these render all of our protests and efforts in vain. Black people have come a long way and fought for their rights; they are also human beings, and discrimination against them is simply hatred.

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