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Chull Room Service, the newest web series from Kooku, has just been released. Nitin Pareira, Avinash Chauhan, Ayesha Pathan, and other actors appear in it as Priya. A gold-digging woman who wed a wealthy man is the subject of this television series. After a few weeks of marriage, the woman understood that what she had done was a grave error. The primary storyline of the series is what happens next. From 26 October 2022, the Chull Room Service web series is available to stream on Kooku.

The lead actors in the Chull Room Service web series are Ayesha Pathan and Rekha Chaudhary. The web series Chull Room Service has 4-5 episodes that last 20 to 30 minutes each.

On the Kooku App, you can access the entire Chull Room Service web series. Prior to now, Sanvida, Gulab Jamun, and other Kooku Web Series featured Ayesha Pathan. Everyone praised Ayesha Pathan for her outstanding performance in the Chull Room Service web series.

Web Series Cast for Chull Room Service (??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????)

The cast of the Chull Room Service (2022) web series is listed below.

Ayesha Pathan
Rekha Chaudhary
Avinash Chauhan
Javed Shaikh

Web series story for Chull Room Service (??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????)

A gold digger girl marries an unattractive, wealthy man in the web series Chull Room Service. Later, the girl understood that her decision was terrible because she would never be able to love him. She started to throw up in her stomach just remembering their first wedding night together.

In order to be with a man, Ayesha Pathan sought the assistance of a female tantric who gave her a panty that dulled her senses. The panty plays a crucial part in the Chull web series because once she put it on, she stopped caring who was standing next to her.

Fans anticipate intense girl-on-girl combat between Ayesha Pathan and Rekha Chaudhary at the conclusion of the web series. On the official Kooku app, you can watch the entire Chull Room Service web series.

While Chull Room Service is undoubtedly a hit on the platform, fans are anxiously awaiting the Kooku team’s upcoming announcement. They are releasing some of the best web series currently available on regional OTT platforms.

Watch Chull Room Service Online(??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????)

Visit the Kooku website or app on your smartphone or computer.

  • Log in to your Kooku account.
  • Look in the top menu for the Chull Room Service web series.
  • Choose it to access your favorite episodes online.

Kooku is a paid streaming service, and the plans are shown below.

Subscription Programs

  1. 3-Day Schedule (Rs.63)
  2. 1-Month Plan (Rs.99)
  3. 6-Month Plan (Rs.162)
  4. 1-Year Plan (Rs.255)

Web Series Full Details for Chull Room Service(??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????)

The complete information about Chull Room Service (2022) Kooku can be found here.

Title Name
Chull Room Service
Release Date
Drama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT Platform
Kooku App
Origin Country
Shooting Location
Azaad Bharti Creations
Photography Director
Saahil J. Ansari
Azaad Bharti
Azaad Bharti Creations
Main Cast
Ayesha Pathan
Rekha Chaudhary
Avinash Chauhan
Javed Shaikh
Episode Runtime
25 Minutes


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