Russian pilot and Female Cadet cockpit Lea*k Video Viral

Watch: Russian pilot and Female Cadet cockpit Lea*k Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit

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On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, a Russian pilot and cadet cockpit $ex video was lea**ked:

A Russian pilot and cadet were reportedly fired after a video of them having $ex in the cockpit of a plane went viral. The 28-year-old instructor pilot took off with the unidentified 21-year-old pupil in a Cessna 172 plane, according to local news site Gazeta. The pilot allegedly persuaded the pupil to engage in $exual activity after granting her additional flight time at the Sasovo Flight School Of Civil Aviation, located about 250 miles southeast of Moscow.

Cockpit video of a Russian pilot and Female Cadet

Because the instructor was married, the woman initially refused, but she eventually agreed after he promised free lessons. When autopilot was turned on, the woman claims that they only kis**sed and hugged once. According to local media, the woman got into an argument with one of her fellow cadets, who then retaliated by posting the video online. After other colleagues recognised them in the video, Sasovo Flight School fired them.

Twitter went crazy over a video of a Russian pilot and cadet in the cockpit.

Both the Russian pilot and the trainee were fired after the inti**mate video was discovered to have been shot on a trip aboard one of the school’s planes. According to other accounts, the lady had already quit and gathered her papers when she learned of the video’s release.

While both professionals have lost their jobs as a result of the video, Internet users are enjoying themselves by tweeting about it. “It’s not their fault, geez,” one user explained. Another commented, “Wow, there’s love in the air.” One tweet claimed, “They’ve been eyeing each other since training.” They were able to see what might have been during the test run.” One commenter said, “If she had just AIRED him, none of this would have happened.” “May such fantasies not cause us problems o,” said another. “This pilot should have just kept it in his head, but he wasn’t content with that.”

Reddit $ex video of a Russian pilot and his cadet in the cockpit

“Since I was born, I’ve never seen $ex in the air,” said another. “How did you get the video?” “How did you get the video?” “This is something I’ve always imagined,” one person said, “and it’s one of the reasons I want to learn to fly.” Someone joked, “They preferred s£x over money/job.” So, if you’re wondering whether money or love is more important, the answer is yes.” One of them said, “I adore Russians.” One person said, “Russians are my favourite people,” while another said, “They always play with death.”

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