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Watch Original uncensored video senator Azam Swati’s wife viral download link

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Hot trending Azam Swati viral video of Azam Swati's wife

Azam Khan Swati, a senator for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), broke down in front of the media while discussing a video of intimate moments that were sent to his wife’s cell phone from an “unknown” number at a press conference on Saturday in Lahore.

Swati, who was visibly upset, claimed that the video showed private exchanges between him and his wife. His wife, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters left Pakistan after seeing the video, along with the rest of his family.

Swati claimed that he was in Lahore at around nine last night when he received a hysterical call from his wife in Islamabad.

He claimed he asked his wife several times why she was screaming, but all he could hear were shrieks and screams. Then his daughter picked up the phone, and Swati asked her to call back and find out what was wrong.

Before breaking down, he said, “She told me that her mother had received a video from an unknown number and that video contains me.”

I am unable to add more.

Azam Swati, who was detained by the FIA last month as a result of a tweet criticizing the army chief, has in the past accused state institutions of torturing him, including stripping him naked and beating him in front of granddaughters.

Azam Swati captured a video of a private moment with his wife in Quetta.

Azam Swati shed tears while discussing the video in his press conference on Saturday. The couple is seen in the video during private moments, which has also been shared on WhatsApp groups. The screen text later changes to read “owner of houses of vulgarity/debauchery in Islamabad,” followed by a scene from a nightclub.

According to Swati, who described their conversation, he instructed his daughter to speak to her mother. I go to bed at 9 p.m. and get up at 3 a.m. to perform Tahajjud, does your mother not know that?” (night prayer).

“I’ve known her my entire life. Does she not know that these criminals recorded a video of me when they took me away a few days ago on the morning of October 13th? ” he asked, referring to the incident of his apprehension in the middle of the night.

When discussing his conversation with his daughter, he said to the media, “Today it is not difficult to doctor videos and create fakes one.” “But she persisted in weeping uncontrollably.

Swati interrupted his daughter’s statement by saying, “Daddy this isn’t someone else,” and then burst into tears before adding, “It’s you and mom,” which was what his daughter had just told him.

Social media is exploding with a discussion about this section of Azam Swati’s press conference.

The PTI senator almost accused Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani of collusion during the press conference and revealed the location where the aforementioned video was shot.

Swati said to the Senate chairman, “You call my wife Chachi” (aunt). I have no doubt that you come from a good family and are aware of honor codes.

The Supreme Court’s judicial lodges in Quetta were booked for Swati and his wife, according to him, because Sanjrani made arrangements for them to do so. I should stay there because you told me there wouldn’t be a supreme court judge in town.

While blaming state institutions for the covertly recorded video, which he claimed was recorded because they had no power over him, Swati claimed that Sanjrani was a close ally of the Establishment. No corrupted files or hidden videos existed, either.

He named the leader of a significant state institution in the video and implied that the corruption went all the way to the top.

When asked who would be accountable if he were killed, Swati said Rana Sanaullah and two officers.

Imran Khan, the leader of the PTI, tweeted an apology on behalf of the country to Swati’s wife after the tearful press conference.

Crying During Press Conference by Azam Khan Swati: Watch & Download

Azam Swati’s viral video, according to the FIA, is entirely fake.

An offensive viral video of PTI leader Azam Swati has been discovered to be entirely fake, according to a press release from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

In a press release on Saturday, it was stated that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had thoroughly examined the pornographic viral video of Senator Azam Swati and discovered it to be a total forgery.

According to international forensic analysis standards, the initial video/audio and frame-by-frame forensic analysis of the trending video was completed. said the organization.

Initial forensic examinations showed that the video had been altered and that various video clips had been combined with defaced faces. Further investigation revealed that faces had been switched in the images using Photoshop, according to the press release.

In a press conference, Senator Azam Swati demonstrated that his concerns merit a thorough investigation. The FIA requested that he file a proper complaint with the organization and express his concerns regarding the reasons he believes it to be authentic.

The press conference reiterated that the vulgar viral video of Azam Swati was fake and edited with sophisticated fake tools in order to misrepresent and discredit the “Honorable Senator.”

It is important to note that Azam Swati, who broke down in tears during a press conference on Saturday, described the entire incident. Social media users were outraged by the press, which had gone viral there, and demanded justice for the senator.

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