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A video of Democratic politician Madison Cawthorn went viral on Twitter last month. When the video went viral, several things from the committee’s other side were revealed, prompting an investigation into Madison. Rather, he was charged with failing to submit financial disclosures to the House of Representatives. He was sending all of the money to his cousin Stephen L. Smith, according to several screenshots. Madison was fired from his job on Monday after an official complaint was filed against him.

Mr. David Wheeler, the chairman of American Muckrakers, stated in the complaint that Smith and Madison were living together, and that he was sending money to his cousin Smith in various screenshots.

The Lea*ked Video of Madison Cawthorn Cousin

As soon as the screenshots were released, all the missing financial information was filled in. A video of him in a car saying something perso*nal was released after he was charged by several media outlets, including the Daily Mail. The video showed him talking to an unknown man while he was being touched in his priva***te areas. They both stated that they desired someone who was nak***ed beneath their hand. The came**raman turned out to be his cousin.

People were initially unaware that he was Madison’s cousin; however, after some party representatives stated that he was Madison’s cousin, the public became aware.

Wikipedia & Biography of Madison Cawthorn Cousin

The word got around quickly. Wheeler later posted screenshots of payments he made to his cousin from June 2018 to January 2019. The screenshots clearly indicated that they were in a phy*sical relationship.

The message read, “Love me every night,” “The airport thing was in a hurry,” “Nak*ed,” and “Get out of Sweden for me.” Despite the fact that all of this was right in front of his eyes as proof, his representative dismissed it.

The missing financial information was given to Smith, according to Wheeler’s complaint. In the complaint, he also requested that an investigation be conducted to see if the couple’s relationship vio**lated any House rules or bylaws. Madison’s supporter claimed that the PAC’s claims were false, and that they couldn’t be together because they are cousins. However, there was something else in the video.

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