Watch: Lira Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

Watch: Lira Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

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The Eve Jay MMS Scandal Tape with QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello has gone viral!

You’re in for a treat if you like Lira. A video of QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello discussing business strategies with Lira’s founder, Muna Obadina, was leaked online this week. Ken Okello can be seen in the video advising Muna on how to improve Lira’s image and sales. The leak comes just days after Lira announced that its mainnet would be suspended in order to update its blockchain code. Many people have wondered what Ken Okello has to do with the suspension after seeing the video.

Lira’s Viral Video was leaked on the internet.

According to reports, the video is currently circulating on Twitter and Reddit, among other major social networking sites. In terms of the video, we learned that it was discussing a significant topic. The video went viral on the Internet a day later and stunned everyone who saw it. People who have watched the viral video have already raised a number of questions.

Who is Lira?

Lira is a well-known model today, as well as a controversial and mysterious figure. The CMO of QFM Radio was recorded by digicam discussing Lira in the ongoing trending video. In the video, the CEO reveals some of the company’s secrets and joins Lira with ordinary people’s money. The leaked video has enraged all of the important figures in the world. The seven-minute video appears to be a digicam recording of a private conference.

Ken Okello, CEO of QFM Radio, talks about the Eve Jay Scandal on tape.

They only realised the moment had been recorded after everything fell silent, and that the memory card had been smuggled outside. Is the President’s net worth higher than that of Radio & Weasel CEO Ken Okello? Okello’s wife threw him a 500,000/= party, which she paid for with ‘bail bond’ money obtained by defrauding gullible students at QFM!!

The viral video featuring Lira CEO Muna and QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello unveiling them has also been shared on Whatsapp, as we have mentioned several times in this post. Various charges were levelled against the online personality. The video is currently trending on social media in Uganda, eliciting strange responses from viewers. We don’t claim any of the information because it came from other online sources.

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