Watch Kimmikka's popular video during a livestream.

Watch Kimmikka during a livestream to see a viral video

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Kimmikka The banning of a streamer for one week after they broadcast a stream that was incredibly NSFW has incensed Twitch users. One of the largest platforms in the world, Twitch, allows almost anyone to broadcast their activities to the entire internet as long as they haven’t already been banned from it. They occasionally engage in activities such as gaming, watching YouTube videos, hosting elaborate productions, or simply documenting their daily lives live on camera. It’s a very strong service, and throughout the years, there have been many contentious situations involving it. Hot tub streaming has increased significantly in just 2021, and there was also a significant leak that revealed streamers’ payouts.

Recently, a number of well-known creators have repeatedly brought up the issue of the platform’s inconsistent bans, and now Twitch users are outraged about it once more. After having se*x while streaming on Twitch, kimmika_ was banned for one week. Viewers found the streamer’s odd posture in relation to their desk and the head of a man they could see behind her strange; however, because of the window that reflected everything on her side, there was little left to the viewers’ imaginations.

Following his observation of this, ex-Twitch streamer Jidion6 accused Twitch of “se*xism” and “favouritism,” noting that while he was permanently banned after performing a hate raid on Pokimane, a streamer engaging in se*x was only banned for seven days. Since then, Jidion6 and Pokimane have patched things up and grown closer, but he remains off the platform. In addition to starting the hashtag #TwitchRespond and making a YouTube video about the problem, Jidion6 demanded that Twitch publicly address it.

Twitch has not yet made a statement about the incident as of yet. The inconsistent application of bans across the platform is infuriating Twitch users, who are venting their frustration on Twitter. Despite the fact that this has been an issue for many years, this incident has generated more outrage than ever.
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