US Court Summons Modi For HR Violations in Kashmir

US Court Summons Modi For HR Violations in Kashmir
US Court Summons Modi For HR Violations in Kashmir

A local court in US state Taxes Thursday (Sep 19) issued summons of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India’s Home Affairs Minister Amit Anilchandra Shah and top army commander in Occupied Kashmir Lieutenant Gen Kanwal Jeet Singh in connection with human rights violations in the valley.

The summons were issued by Houston’s district court after a petition was filed by the Kashmir Khalistan Referendum Front against the atrocities being committed against innocent Kashmiris in the occupied Kashmir.

In occupied Kashmir, people continue to suffer immensely as the Kashmir valley remained under strict military lockdown for the 47th consecutive day, today.

The heavy deployment of Indian troops has created an atmosphere of fear, forcing the people to remain indoors. The continued blockade of the valley has aggravated the situation to an alarming proportion. The residents confined to their homes are facing difficulties in meeting their daily needs. The shortage of essential commodities like milk, baby food and life-saving medicines is adding to the miseries of the people and the valley represents a humanitarian crisis.

Normal life remains crippled as all markets, business establishments, shops and educational institutions are shut while transport is off the road in the valley. The occupation authorities continue to snap the means of communications including internet and mobile phone services and keep TV channels closed in Kashmir valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu.

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