Uganda Model Karungi Monic Jumps Off Al Fahad Dubai

Uganda Model Karungi Monic Jumps Off Al Fahad Dubai Hotel Roof Video Went Viral

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On the Internet right now, there’s a video that’s causing quite a stir. As we all know, celebrities and social media influencers love to visit Dubai for vacations and travel, and skydiving is a popular tourist attraction there. Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz recently recorded a video of herself skydiving from a Dubai skyscraper. She is currently 24 years old and has been spotted enjoying her time in the United Arab Emirates. However, the joyous occasions quickly devolved into chaos.

Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz: Who Was She? Instagram & Family Age

The authorities and her family members have made no official statements on the matter, and we are still waiting for more information. She was a truly wonderful human being who was always trying to put smiles on people’s faces, and she was a very different kind of human in that she always wanted to participate in adventurous activities, and now some people on the Internet are discussing her. She allegedly committed suicide and it was not an accident, according to the authorities. However, we will return once we have more relevant information from reliable sources on this topic.

Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz Jumps From a Dubai Skyscraper

Her death became a topic of discussion on the internet after she was declared dead. After the Fall, she unfortunately died on the first of May 2022. She was last seen hanging from a high-rise window, feeling extremely ill, and most of her friends were concerned despite the fact that she appeared to be in good spirits. However, she wanted to participate in an adventurous activity, and her lungs and inner organs were unable to withstand the strain, and she tragically died.

Death video of Karungi Monic, aka Mona Kizz

She was a new social media influencer who was posting entertaining videos of her dancer and other activities, and her followers were rapidly growing, which was a fantastic thing for a new content creator. However, they are now all using social media to express their grief and sorrow. We would like to express our condolences to her family and express our deepest condolences for their loss. May her soul rest in peace. She was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to help her because she had passed away.

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