Two handed over to police for torching girls’ schools in Diamer

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GILGIT: Two persons allegedly involved in the torching of girls schools in Diamer district surrendered to police on Wednesday.

The accused were given to law enforcement agencies at a jirga held in Deral.

15 burnt schools later: Diamer needs action, not statements

The authorities said Shabbir and Asmatullah were allegedly involved in girls schools’ torching incidents in August this year. Police and other law enforcement agencies personnel had since been searching for them.

So far, the jirga has handed over about 50 accused involved in the incident to law enforcement agencies.

The writing on the wall: Daimer’s torched schools bear a chilling warning

Two accused involved in the incident were killed during an encounter with police in August.

A source said the mastermind of the incident was still at large.

Talking to media persons, Deral jirga members, Rahmat Khaliq, Abdul Shakoor, and Malik Maskeen, said the jirga supported law enforcement agencies to maintain peace in the area. They said the government should take further steps for girls’ education in the area.


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