TV actress Soujanya dies by alleged suicide

TV actress Soujanya dies by alleged suicide

Soujanya, a 25-year-old actress living in Bangalore, India, has committed suicide.

According to Indian media, police said that the body of actress Soujanya was found in her Bangalore apartment yesterday morning.

Police have also recovered a four-page written note from Soujanya’s room, which was allegedly written before the suicide, in which the actress talks about the mental problems she is facing and her uncontrollable.

In an alleged letter written before her suicide, Soujanya blamed herself instead of blaming anyone for her death and apologized to her family for the act.

“I promised I would never do such a stupid thing in my life but I have no choice, I am completely dead inside,” Soujanya, from Karnataka, wrote in the letter.

According to media reports, Soujanya had recently shifted to Bangalore for work.

On the other hand, Soujanya has shown the essence of acting in some films in the Canadian film industry, including TV series.

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