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Top 5 Kajal Jha Hott Web Series Must-Sees for 2024

Kajal Jha, an established name in the entertainment industry, has made a mark with her captivating performances in bold and sensational web series. As she continues to push boundaries, let’s explore the top 5 Kajal Jha web series that promise a riveting blend of passion, drama, and intrigue.

Charmsukh Tapan (Part 2):

Tapan Part 2 | Charmsukh | @ULLU Originals | Official Trailer

Youtube Trailer


A standout on the ULLU app, “Charmsukh Tapan (Part 2)” features Kajal Jha alongside Noor Malabika and Neha Gupta. The series, exclusively available on ULLU, boasts an alluring narrative filled with bold scenes that keep viewers hooked. It delves into the complexities of relationships, making it a must-watch for enthusiasts of the genre.

Charmsukh Tapan (Part 1):

Tapan | Charmsukh | ULLU Originals | Official Trailer

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Building on the success of its predecessor, “Charmsukh Tapan (Part 1)” sees Kajal Jha, Noor Malalbika, and Neha Gupta delivering captivating performances. The series explores unconventional desires, revolving around a sister-in-law’s intriguing feelings for her brother-in-law. With a compelling plot and steamy scenes, it garnered positive reviews from both critics and the audience.


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Adding versatility to her portfolio, Kajal Jha shines in “Abhay.” The series follows a determined cop, played by Kunal Kemmu, as he confronts an evil mastermind. Filled with suspense and action, “Abhay” showcases the cop’s strategic pursuit to bring the criminal to justice. Devender Chaudhry and Ratnesh Mani contribute to the series’ gripping narrative in leading roles.

Crimes and Confessions:

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An anthology series exploring a spectrum of emotions such as greed, jealousy, and love, “Crimes and Confessions” features Kajal Jha alongside Vanya Singh Rajput, Navina Bole, and Parminder Singh Kainth. Each episode unfolds a unique story with diverse characters set in different eras, offering viewers a peek into people’s deepest, darkest confessions. The series promises a rollercoaster of emotions and thought-provoking narratives.

The Dark Girl:

most awaited series "THE DARK GIRL". Watch this enthralling

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In “The Dark Girl,” Kajal Jha takes on a thrilling role as Anamika, exploring themes of love, lust, and emotional bonds. The narrative takes a unique turn as Anamika transforms into a nympho-killer in response to mistreatment. The story unfolds with the involvement of a delivery boy, leading to a series of intriguing events. Maahi Khan and Muskaan Lalwani join Kajal Jha in the cast, contributing to the suspense and drama of this unconventional web series.


Kajal Jha’s bold and sensational performances continue to enthrall audiences in these web series. Whether portraying the complexities of relationships, fighting crime as a cop, or unraveling dark confessions, Kajal brings a touch of versatility to each role. These web series are a testament to her prowess in delivering compelling narratives that cater to those seeking a captivating blend of passion, drama, and suspense.


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