Watch this viral video of student leaders touching women's feet to win votes in Rajasthan.

To Win Votes In Rajasthan, Student Leaders Touch Girls’ Feet in a Viral Video

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During their campaigning for votes in the National Students Union of India NSUI elections, Rajasthan University candidates for leadership positions were observed patting their fellow students’ feet. Social media users have given a similar video a lot of attention. In one instance, Central University student union leaders kneeled before the students in Baran, Rajasthan, and begged them to support them. Everybody present was shocked by the unexpected sight.

The video clip was published on Twitter by the UnSeen India account, and it quickly gained popularity online. In the video, which has since gone viral, student union leaders can be seen pleading with graduates for votes. In fact, they trampled the women under their boots while pleading with them with folded arms. Numerous users commented on the incident and garnered a lot of attention with their opinions.

One user commented, “This is the state of fundamental level politics for those whose primary tool is education, yet those people are prioritizing rolling on their feet instead of informing their peers about reasoning, right and wrong, good and bad. Do you believe you can predict what will occur next? The student leaders of each party have used a variety of strategies to sway the other students toward their viewpoints. A previous video of the students protesting in big groups without the necessary authorization to hold an assembly led to a police lathi charge.

This past Friday saw the first Rajasthan Students Union Election 2022 in two years. The polls opened to the public at eight in the morning. On Saturday morning, the counting of the votes will begin, and in the afternoon, results will start to trickle in. Since the video emerged showing student leaders in Rajasthan touching girls’ feet to win votes, the issue has drawn the attention of a wide audience. It has become one of the most talked-about topics on the internet because people are expressing their individual opinions and viewpoints on the subject.

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