TikToker Zoi Hashmi Video Alleged R-a-p-e Surfaces Online

TikToker Zoi Hashmi Video Alleged R-a-p-e Surfaces Online

In another heartbreaking incident of sexual violence against women in Pakistan, a video of Pakistani Tiktoker Zoi Hashmi would have been violated surfaced online.

The incident led to a massive indignation on social media as Internet users demand that the culprits be prosecuted.

Pakistani Tiktok Star Zoi Hashmi has millions of adepts on the video sharing application. An indecent video of a heap of fermes of Zoi, in distress and view in an inappropriate condition is to make online tricks. The influence of social media has been raped and has now dropped to prey to a disclosed video scandal.

Tiktoker leakman video scandals
Although many tiktok stars have recently become victims of a video-free scandal, none of these videos were of rape or sexual violence with regard to anyone. This video is evidence of a crime of rape.

The previous instances of aqueous videos involved that Tiktokers engages in pre-matrimonial coctions, considered a crime in Pakistan and pursued under adultery. The laws that pursue these actions are “HUDOOD orders” of military dictators.

After the fall of the military dictator, the laws were not aggressively applied, but remain part of Pakistan’s legislation.
The victims of these fuies videos include Tiktokers Nadeem Muabark, Aka Nadeem Naniwala, Romaisa Khan, Jannat Mirza and most recently Aiman ​​Zaman.

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