Tiktoker Hareem Shah Told Politicians Big Secrets

Tiktoker Hareem Shah Told Politicians Big Secrets

This latest video / vlog uploaded today on ” Mahreen Sibtain official “ YouTube Channel in Full HD.

The Topic of this video was

” Tiktoker Hareem Shah Told Politicians Big Secrets ”

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She claimed that anchors and actors usually are very image conscious and try their best not to indulge themselves in any kind of controversies. Yet these politicians are the easiest targets as they easily get intimate and do not hesitate to meet in person. In the same show, Hareem Shah made a live call to Sheikh Rasheed and asked him to talk to him right now. Rasheed sahab didn’t seem to be in good mood and abruptly replied to her to stop gabbing.

Where there is Hareem Shah there definitely would be a controversy. By making calls to Sheikh Rasheed she again got into the limelight. Even the show before its release became a much-awaited show for Hareem’s controversial call to Sheikh Rasheed. Here we have got there the full interview of Hareem Shah. Have a look and enjoy it.

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