TikTok Queen Noor Dabash Accused of exploiting by Nickolas Ray

TikTok Queen Noor Dabash Accused of exploiting by Nickolas Ray

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Nickolas Ray is accused of assaulting Noor Dabash, an 18-year-old TikTok celebrity. Noor shared her storey on Twitter and expressed her desire for Nickolas to be removed from the internet. The teen also posted a TikTok where she lip-synced that Ray must confess to what he did before sharing the storey with the rest of the world. Both celebrities are trending on social media as a result of the shocking revelation. The incident has shocked the users, who are also discussing it online. Let’s take a look at the entire article for more information.

Noor Dabash stated that she suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis while sharing her storey. Noor had a terrible night on the 5th of July, 2021. She was crying, shaking, and unable to breathe properly for about 40 minutes while curled up in Nickolas’ bed. She simply desired to be surrounded by someone. Nickolas asked if they could talk now, to which Noor replied that she couldn’t form sentences because she was nervous.

Nickolas pinned her down and assaulted her after she caught her breath, according to the report. She was perplexed and, bless her, had a very bad nose as a result. Dabash stated that she simply got out of bed, left, and returned to her apartment. Before the assault, the influencer stated that she did not approve in any way. Ray kept trying to get into her apartment, she said, and she had to “ban him from ever stepping afoot” in her apartment again.

Her fans were taken aback when Noor Dabash’s storey was brought to light. They’re showing their support for the young actress by creating hashtags dedicated to her. Let’s not forget that Noor has nearly 5 million TikTok followers and a sizable Instagram fan base. In addition, Noor Dabash has a YouTube channel with over 26K subscribers. She is said to be dating Bryan McKenzie, a fellow actor.

Noor has been campaigning for Nicolas to be debunked ever since she shared her storey. Her supporters want the same thing. Nickolas Ray is a Tik Tok sensation who is 21 years old. On the aforementioned platform, he has over six million followers. The star, who was born in Missouri, became famous after posting a video of himself singing Riptide by Vance Joy.

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