The video of a Giant Anaconda crossing a road has gone viral

The video of a Giant Anaconda crossing a road has gone viral

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A video showing a massive anaconda crossing the road has gone viral on social media. After being uploaded to Instagram, the extremely popular clip has already received over 2 lakh 35 thousand views.

A giant anaconda is crossing a busy street where a number of pedestrians as well as vehicles are plying, according to a video posted on Instagram by the user snak*e.wild.

The best part is that everyone on the road is assisting the massive reptile in crossing the road safely. The anaconda is tangled on a road divider in the beginning of the video, with its front portion on the other side of the road and the rear portion in the foreground.

After that, the camera moves forward, revealing the entire anaconda. The situation is both intriguing and frightening. Pedestrians and motorists alike are awaiting the giant reptile’s arrival. The reptile then crawls into a bush by the side of the road.

While the video is entertaining because of the human-snak*e interaction, it is frightening to see the anaconda’s massive size and how it is moving forward.

View the video here.

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Many people have expressed their feelings about the video. A user commented on how people treated the snak*e. “Wow!! HUGE!! It’s wonderful to know that there are people who value wildlife.”

Others were surprised to see such a large reptile on a busy road among humans.

“Anaconda?” wrote a user. “Omg, a big acoanda,” one person said. Another user was not pleased to see a large anaconda on the road. “What the hell is that snak*e doing on the road?” says the comment.

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