The Thai King married a non-public woman’s safety guard

The Thai King married a private lady's security guard
The Thai King married a private lady's security guard

The reality is just not the emphasis on love. 66-year-old Thai King married her favourite safety guard. The Nubity Bride can be ranked as Queen.
In response to the small print, the king of Thailand married his private safety deputy head and gave him the standing of a queen. The king’s marriage was introduced within the royal assertion earlier than the celebration of the Thai King’s Rage of Taj Pashi.
Within the royal assertion, King Vijarlong Koran has given his private safety guard normal Sodda Verauralong Koran standing to the royal queen and is now a part of the royal household with all of the royal honors.

Photographs of marriage ceremony ceremony had been proven on Thailand’s TV channels, by which royal household and different citadel counselors had been additionally included within the ceremony. Within the photos revealed on TV channels, the king was proven to pour the holy water on the top of the Queen Sothda, after which the pair was additionally proven to signal the wedding papers.
It was believed that the 66-year-old King Mahavirangling Coron grew to become King in 2016. Her first three marriages have ended, with 7 kids additionally. That is his fourth marriage, which has been introduced repeatedly.

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