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A video that has gone viral on the internet shows rapper Blueface and his girlfriend fighting in the streets of Hollywood. People began filming the fight, and then the video was uploaded online. The couple appears to have fought over something, and the two appear to have been involved in the fighting, according to the internet video that went viral. In the video, Blueface and his girlfriend engage in a physical altercation that is subsequently resolved, after which they part ways. The fight’s aftermath revealed that the two were constantly posting stories to their Instagram accounts and making fun of one another for various reasons. Let’s examine it closely.

Video Going Viral With Blueface & Chrisean

According to the trending video, an altercation took place between the former couple, rapper Blueface (real name Jonathan Jamall Porter) and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock. She is accused of punching Blueface in the face because she was initially seen in the video putting rock on Blueface. Then, as can be seen, the man took the initiative and put Rock on the ground. After a brief period of time, the people on the sidewalk settled their differences, and the two parted ways. According to the sources, police responded to the scene after receiving information that a flight had been aborted, but the two had already left. According to the police,

Why Did Chrisean Rock & Blueface Part Ways?

The two were seen leaving together following the resolution of the argument. The two began sharing stories about one another on Instagram after the argument, which was another thing that followed. Blueface started it off by joking about how she punched him while posting that Rock was the heavyweight champion of the world. He continued, “I barely know her; you all don’t.” Blueface claimed that Rock had cheated on him and that Rock had sent him private videos of her and her current boyfriend in order to arouse Blueface’s enmity or some such thing. The bodyguard for Rock is being sought after, according to Blueface.

Chrisean Rock & Blueface’s Expalined Rock Video

The video became the basis for numerous internet memes as soon as it became popular on the internet and people began sharing it. As soon as people began making fun of the couple, the internet quickly became flooded with memes. After the video became popular on Twitter, many memes were tweeted. One of the Twitter users made fun of the situation by joking that despite living together, the two have been in a toxic relationship. While a different Twitter user tweeted that Jake Paul is preparing for a boxing match after seeing his video of him fighting with his girlfriend, there was a video of Jake Paul from some random source underneath that.

The rapper’s girlfriend will also be interviewed, and the LAPD has stated that they are handling the case. They have also stated that they will respond after gathering more information.

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