The Hidden Story: What Really Happened in Najiba Faiz’s Viral Video?

Najiba Faiz Controversy: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Viral Video

Najiba Faiz, a prominent Pashto morning show host and actress, finds herself at the center of a controversy surrounding a ‘leaked video.’ The video, recorded during an iftar gathering after one of her shows last Ramzan, features religious scholar Mufti Anwar Sultan, who was urged to display emotions for the recording. Video Circulation and Impact … Read more

Najiba Faiz Scandal: Outrage Spreads as Alleged Obscene Video Goes Viral

Najiba Faiz Controversy Deepens as Alleged Explicit Video Trends Online

The recent uproar surrounding Najiba Faiz, a distinguished Afghan-born Pakistani actress and TV host, revolves around the emergence of an explicit video leak. Screenshots from this private footage have circulated widely on the ‘X’ platform, thrusting Najiba Faiz into the spotlight and prompting diverse reactions across social media. Profile of Najiba Faiz Najiba Faiz’s prominence … Read more