Anchor Junaid Saleem’s indecent video with Murad Saeed Went Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Journalist Junaid Saleem Video: Junaid Saleem, a well-known journalist with three decades of experience, a former anchor for @HasbeHaal and @DunyaNews, and a vlogger with a huge following of 37.7K, has recently become involved in controve*rsy. The viral MMS video purportedly featuring Murad Saeed on social media infuriated their followers. The indecent video of anchor … Read more

Anchor Junaid Saleem and 36years, Murad Saeed Video Viral on Social Media

Junaid Saleem Journalist with experience of 3 decades, Former Anchor @HasbeHaal, @DunyaNews, Vlogger, an analyst. Ch Editor Daily INSAF Junaid Saleem, Murad Saeed’s Video Goes Viral – Download Link Trending Keywords about Junaid and Murad Saeed Video Junaid saleem murad saeed Murad saeed leak video Murad saeed Junaid saleem video Junaid saleem murad saeed viral … Read more