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Syed Basit Ali’s Fight in Live Morning Show with Host and Guests

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Syed Basit Ali's Fight in Live Morning Show with Host and Guests

‘Aap Log Behayai Phela Rahay Hain’ – Comedian Gets Angry At Guests For Dancing On Morning Show

Our morning shows are no longer something to look forward to. In the sake of entertainment, they continue to fall to lower standards. What does it matter what time of year it is? Request that all of your visitors sing and dance for the crowd, because it is precisely what we want to begin our early mornings with, right?

Syed Basit Ali, a young and brilliant comedian, was recently invited to Nabeeha Ejaz’s Neo News Morning Show. Ali had been expressly selected to perform humour and imitation, but he lost his cool during the dancing section. As soon as he spotted the visitors dancing, he began fighting with them. “What type of filth and obscenity are you folks demonstrating in the live show?” questioned the comic.

The host and guests, in his perspective, also lost it. They poked fun at him, asking, “What are you doing in this nasty show?” Ali made it apparent that he had been asked simply for the purpose of impersonation and was unaware of the obscenity that would ensue.

Nonetheless, in the rat race for ratings, morning programmes are prepared to do anything these days. These concerts, like others in the past, are capable of producing high-quality material. The rating game, on the other hand, forces people to fall to lesser standards.

Television was previously intended to provide entertainment while also elevating the brain. It now only deteriorates the mind more. Morning programmes are devoid of original substance.

Is there anything wrong with what comedian Ali said?
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